Free Custom «Rose Park: Core Strategy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Rose Park: Core Strategy» Essay Paper

Mission statement

Committed to the provision of quality and responsive care to the seniors through establishment of facilities best suited to meet the unique social, physical and psychological needs of the elderly thus ensuring the individual’s dignity and independence is highly upheld.

The Product/Services Features

We offer various living options within our facility to select from.

Independent living: - This is for senior adults who can live on their own but would like to live in an environment of community living. We are offering an opportunity to live in your home-like conditions with personalized services and amenities of your choice.

Assisted Living: - This is for seniors who like their independence, but still need some help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication reminders (Independent Living, n.d.).

Alzheimer’s Care: - This provides facility that gives special care and unique housing for people suffering from the disease.

Marketing objectives

The firm strives:

  • To offer all-inclusive best care at relatively fair price;
  • To provide home like atmosphere for the residents;.
  • To enhance harmony, happiness and well-being of all residents.

Product Positioning & the Value Proposition

This is about how product is introduced into the market place and how it ranks against its competitors (McDonald, 2007). Approximately 6.5 million people in the United states require assistance with activities of daily living, and this number is expected to double by 2020 (McKinley, 2002, p.17), a trend that is expected to be exhibited most modern countries. These people have varying needs and life style choices, which mostly do not fit nursing homes conditions or ideal homes. Due to this, many choose to live in senior living facilities with tailor-made packages to suit their needs. With ever increase need for quality and economical senior living facilities, the plans for creating Rose Park Senior Living seems a noble idea and venture.

Rose Park will offer several living option; Independent Living, Assisted living, and Alzheimer’s Care (senior housing net, n.d). The senior community living facility will have a variety of life style choices, including various meal plans and menus, house keeping, rooms to choose from, laundry and services to meet residents’ wellness need (Independent Living, n.d.). Enjoying life filled with recreational, educational, cultural, and social activities with other seniors is one of the ultimate goals. It will have various recreational activities including exercise and games facilities, swimming pool, library, theatre and shopping outings. In addition, it will provide local transport and cater for planned social events. With this features, Rose Park will be offering superior facilities at reasonable price, giving it a competitive edge over its competitors in the industry.

Rose Park project faces several challenges including competition from existing and future project, government requirements on setting up senior living facility, tax policy, legal and legislative issues and financial concerns of the seniors. With this in mind, Rose Park plans to embrace the following; to increase it market awareness to the senior consumers, their families, and community at large. Secondly, to take advantage of new insurance covers which cater for assisted living, to venture in strategic partnerships with hospitals, and target adults’ children (45-60 years) who are trying to deal with needs of their aging parents in the marketing drives (McKinley, 2002, pg.20). In addition, complying to best marketing strategies, ensuring professional ethics are held by staff and community social responsibility, Rose Park will position itself to be among the market leaders in provision of senior living facilities.



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