Free Custom «Response to Flax Cereal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Response to Flax Cereal» Essay Paper

Key Learning

I have understood the importance of whole mean grains and its role in nutrition. Due to increased processed foods there has been a shortage of whole grain meals which are of great importance in human growth and development. Due to such scarcity of such food there is an increased market share of it for all people in different ages and life style.

I had not thought of how importance cereals would be for breakfast and how most mothers who are bring up their young children are nowadays preferring whole grain cereals as compared to processed foods due to increased concern of how unhealthy such foods have been.

The essay have been informative on nutritional value of whole grain cereals and how most companies have taken the advantage of increased demand of the cereals hence lowering their quality. This has therefore created a void in the market for demand of high quality cereals which Flax Central shall be able to exploit by providing high quality cereals.

How I can apply the Knowledge

The knowledge which I have learned on marketing of the cereal products of Flax Cereals is much supportive in my career. I have been able to understand importance of carrying out intensive research on needs in the market before launching a product. The research which Flax Cereals did with an aim of understanding the market is important because they have been able to decide on the appropriate products which would be more competitive in the market. According to Monroe (2003) pricing of products in considerations of the target market and other competitors enables the company to set a price which is profitable and competitive.

The marketing strategy might be seen as inferior because they do not advertise in televisions and magazines. However, this has was informed by the fact that they have understood their clientele and realized that they can only be able to get to them through advertising in the radio. Therefore, in my career I will strive to ensure that I do thorough research on the target market to be able to formulate policies and procedures which will guarantee ease entry to the market.



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