Free Custom «Relationship Marketing Article Synopsis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Relationship Marketing Article Synopsis» Essay Paper


Consumer behavior is quite important in marketing. Towards this marketers put a lot of emphasis on the factors that affect and influence consumer behavior towards buying of good and services. These factors include; motivation, customer service, culture, or family among others. In a retail clothing shop, the same concept of motivation, customer service, culture, or family influence are effective in improving sales. Motivation through price reduction coupled with effective customer service and blended with culture and family influence, women become so much glued to buying cloths from a retail shop that offers these services. This paper takes a critical review and analysis of Marketing article to explain how motivation, customer service, culture, or family influence consumption in relation to retail clothing shop.

In the analysis of Uzma Khan   and Ravi Dhar  article on Price-Framing Effects on the Purchase of Hedonic and Utilitarian Bundles .In this article, marketers across the globe are offering bundles that combine cross-category, seemingly unrelated items. The article explains the conditions under which framing a discount as savings on certain items of cross-category bundles is more effective for increasing bundle purchase (Dhar and Khan, 2010). Three experiments were carried out and reveal that the sales of a cross-category bundle are high when the discount is framed as savings on the relatively hedonic component rather than as savings on the utilitarian component (Dhar and Khan, 2010). The finding of the experiment carried out reveals that motivation and effective customer service through price framing effect as a great increase in sales and has long term customer retention (Dhar and Khan, 2010). The authors explain the findings based on the notion that a discount provides a justification that increases the likelihood of hedonic purchases.


The article concludes with a discussion of managerial implications of the above mentioned findings on consumer behavior. In this article, many lessons are learnt, these include; increase in marketing and promotions should be tied closely to consumer behavior, culture and family influence for it to impact positively on customers. It is also evidenced that individuals buying pattern is influenced so much by price, customer service, motivation and family relation a retailer creates with each customer. Towards this, it is prudent that a success of women retail clothing shop is tied on motivation derived from buying the products.



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