Free Custom «Planning for Sales» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Planning for Sales» Essay Paper

Question 1

Professional sales people no doubt holds the importance of planning for sales call with regard.  These include, making the call flexible and gain to control of the call and its flow hence build some confidence.  A well-planned sales call considers refining the choice of words to use to impress the customer or prospect. This contributes much to the image a sales person creates in the mind of the customer. Hence, the manner in which the sales call is conducted reflects professionalism. In return, this contributes in building a favorable atmosphere between the buyer and the seller. The overall outcome is that the seller understands the customer’s needs leading to an increase in sales. In the case of Ralph Jackson, the customer will benefit from this plan since it will result in fewer orders being process hence low work force, cost and storage space. Buying the oil in gallons instead drums reduces the cost from $1.39 to $1.25.

Question 2

Barney’s objectives include, obtaining agreement from the customer, making the sale of his car at the price of 1200$ and selling his current vehicle soon enough to secure a chance to purchase the high-quality car he spotted on a dealer’s lot. On the other hand, Billie’s objectives are buying a car in a good condition at a relatively lower price than the retail price, reserving enough to buy snow tires. Barney and Billie are likely to come into conflict regarding the cost the cost at which he is selling the car since Billie is well informed that the car’s price is $1, 950 at retail and $1,200 at wholesale. On the contrary, Barney is selling his car at a much higher price than this. Barney has the power to retract from selling the car to Billie whereas; Billie has the power of confirming the fair price at a dealer to avoid unfair pricing. Time is crucial for Barney to sell his car before another buyer purchases the car he intends to buy. Time is also important to Billie since she needs to have a car for her daughter as soon as she finishes school to drive to work. The compromise likely to arise is that Barney will remove the stereo he installed on his car without lowering the price of the car.

Question 3

The situation is a need-satisfaction scenario in which the salesperson took the approach to supply and offered the copiers on lease to convince the buyer prospect. However, the salesperson did not conduct a thorough research of the company’s sales record to find out the failures. The salesperson should prepare a canned strategy after researching the company and offer his presentation involving the buyer in the conversation instead of having total control over it.

Question 4

Tim’s presentation is impressive for the since he did a thorough research of the company and prepared a strategy to meet the customer has needs. His trials were effective and successful by holding the higher percentage of the conversation. I would develop visual presentations by visiting the company’s storage site and take photos to that effect. I would also prepare an audit to demonstrate the cost cut the company would benefit. Tim should follow and make sure the installation is completed successfully and offer any assistance required.



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