Free Custom «Personal Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

I am currently pursuing a dual major in Accounting and Finance in a school full-time basis. I also work part time, three days per week at ten hours per day, as a pharmacy technician. My job entails filling and sending prescriptions to patients soonest possible. I have also worked as an accountant in my home country.


v  With the experiences I have got from these jobs, I am able to handle and relate with the customer well at all times.

v  I have experiences with numbers which is a key ingredient in the accounting field.

v  I am responsible person, who is always committed to achieving good results.

v  Learnt to work under pressure and promptly meet strict deadlines.


v  My inadequate experience in accounting and finance outside school. This is solely because I cannot do an internship since I have to work so that I can get funds for my education and self-sustenance.

v  I am not able to maintain excellent grades at school since it is hard to balance between study and work. However, I am confident that if given a chance to work in the industry, I will prove that I have an impeccable bias for performance.

I intend to work for an accounting firm in one of the leading accounting firms namely: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernest and young, PWC or KPMG. My target location is Philadelphia. My competitors are my fellow students and other already established accountants in this field.



My biggest threat is my fellow colleagues at the University. They are quite many, and we are all competing for the same job.


v  Philadelphia hosts a number of headquarters for both local and global businesses, which creates a large pool for one to attain jobs.

v  While the state has many universities, most students leave it and pursue careers in other states, leaving me with a great advantage since it decreases my competition.


Upon graduating, I intend to work for a large auditing company for a couple of years to gain experience. To expand my knowledge, I plan to secure specialized training and expand networking opportunities. In the long run, I would like to earn a promotion within twelve months of starting a new job and later claim the position of the company manager in an effective manner. To build my financial wealth, I intend to own a franchise and invest in mutual funds in the stock market. With the experience I am getting from the University, I will properly communicate and interact to rise in the business industry.


v  Networking, in person and electronically. This will be achieved by participating in the online group discussions where my accounting target markets congregate.

v  Writing articles that describe the benefits of my services for the local media, professional journals and newsletters.

v  To advance in the market, I will improve on my computer skills, improve my communication skills, learn a second language and get more business training.

5. Action Programs

Attend resume critique by the University lecturers and industries, jobs fairs and other forms of networking. This will help me develop a get a clear picture of what the market expects.

I also will gain academic qualifications by completing my Accounting and Finance major. This is intended to equip me with the necessary skills I require to accomplish accounting and finance’s tasks. Attending further training programs and seminars will also be part of my plan.

I will attend seminars and conferences organized by various professional organizations during weekends and do online training on management. By doing so, I will improve my communication skills and overall performance.


The personal expenses I am likely to incur in achieving the objectives are

Cost of business clothing-1,000

Transportation- 400

Suitable housing- 500


Training- 2,000

To finance my plan, I will use part of my salary and bonuses I get from my part-time job. I will also bid for scholarships and do some consulting so as to gain more funds.


A clearly constructed plan will enable me to assess which of my strategies are working and those that fail. I will conduct a survey or interviews to get my clients’ comments and responses. Self-assessment will also be done to find out how much I have progressed within a given period.



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