Free Custom «Organizational Marketing and Sales» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Organizational Marketing and Sales» Essay Paper

Marketing Plan and Organizational Mission

The corporate mission entails of what the company is and what it does and covers on customer groups served, customer needs a as well as the technologies used. For any marketing plan to be effective it has to be formalized and should move from the general to specific, from the vision to mission to the specific goals which in turn draws to the individuals action plans that are intended for each marketing plan hence the linkage between the factors in ensuring a success in the business (Webb, 124).

Ideally the marketing plan of an organization for the products and services it offers tie with the organization's missions as the mission statement often provides a commercial logic why the business is in existence and it's a blue print on creating wealth for the owner as well as satisfying the needs of the stakeholders including the society and the employees. The mission serve to define boundaries that are set by the organization when it comes to geography, the methods of business products and services old and market of the products, thus the strategic scope management decisions made by the mange defines the kind of business (Chaffey, 75). In this light therefore the commercial logic of business or its mission ties with its marketing strategies when it comes to defining its competitive position in considering the type of products and serves it is offers. The products and services chosen based on the organizations mission affects the marketing plan developed to increase competitiveness.

In addition to that the marketing planks is linked to the mission of the organization especially when considering the means of competences in which the company strives to succeed in its business endeavors by strategizing on overcoming competition in the market. Thus good marketing plan ensures that the organization mission is achieved in the long run through successful business sales (Rumbauskas, 221).

Finally corporate mission is tied to the marketing plan as in practice it has been proofed that a strong mission of the organization helps marketing planning in the following ways: first it is promotes provision of an outline that ensures that the marketing plan suit the mission of the organization. Secondly the mission statement provides a means by which evaluation and screening of the marketing plan whether the marketing decisions are inline or consistent with the mission or not. Finally the mission statement helps in providing an incentive that serve to implement the marketing plan developed for the organization.

Customer Identification

An organization identification of customers by an organization is achieved by conducting a customer relationship management which basically deals with identifying of its customers and finding on their buying patterns over a period of time. One way of identifying customers is by using the self organizing maps and regency frequency monetary method which helps to distinguish between the company's valuable customers amongst the over customers base. The RFM method of clustering analyses customer data to yield the patterns of the customers. In terms of latest period of purchase, the frequency of purchasing undertaken, by the customer and the amount of money spend in the purchasing activity in the company. In addition that the neural network method is used to identify the patterns of the valuable customers to the company as well as to predict the future environment through an analysis of their past history.

In order to identify the main and valuable customers who greatly affects the quantity of sales of the company the CRM system method is sued. This method uses the data derived from the sales history database as well as from the database fro customer profile to help discover the knowledge their patterns of consumption. From the analysis of consumer information the company is able to know the regency, monetary information's as well as frequency of its customers thus strategizing on the targeting such customers on its marketing plans.

Another method by which organization can identify its potential customers is by using the customer feedbacks which customers leave inform of comments or suggestions hence able to strategize on attracting such segment of customers. This is critical as it depends on the customer personal preferences and choice on consumption of certain product which is closely linked to at demographic factors like age, gender, economic status, and religious and cultural factors. The customers who are identified as a target segment can be identified through conduction of surveys on their needs hence making the marketing plans to target such customers.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are often used closely and many tend to assume that they mean same thing but the two concepts have great difference between each other though they are both intended to achieve a similar goal. The concept of marketing plays a critical roll of improving the environment for selling hence contribute to organizations sales hence the marketing department always targets at increasing the number of interactions that take place between the organization and the potential customers. For the organization to achieve the goal of increasing customer-organization interaction it has to involve the service of the organizations sale team which may include: publicity, public relations, advertising, sales promotions, and creation of sales channels, facilitating potential customers to contact the organization and foster interaction as well as new products through product development. Such sales service can also involve the use of the social media like twitter and face book to increase the level of interaction and increase the publicity of the organization to foster its marketing ability (John and Coe, 128).

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The concept of sales especially with the new filed of sales process engineering is viewed and treated as an output of a larger system rather than an output from a single department as the marketing concept. The larger system stated refers to many other functional areas that exist within an organization which includes the sales, marketing and customer service among other departments whose inputs and outputs complement one another unvarying degree to contribute to realization of the organizations goals and objectives.
In general marketing entails the process of determining the people who have specific needs, the value for the product/price, creation of a product or service to ensure that it meets the needs as well as the want of customers, determining the best and effective way of taking the product to the market place and finally determining the best communication strategy that can be used by an organization to take the product or the service to he market.

On the other hand sales is a process that involves identifying the specific people who have certain needs through prospecting, determining the specific need of the people, ways of finding a solution to the prospect problem though proposal, decide on the best means of communication through recommendations, advocating on the value of the organization's products, selling of the product and determining the benefits derived and finally closing of the sale though an exchange transaction as well as creating customer satisfaction through efficient delivery of the needs or want of the customers.

Consumer-Buying Behavior and Marketing

Consumer behaviour affects marketing because customers have various reasons of buying certain product and such factors are dynamic hence keep on changing in the society. Thus decisions that consumer makes affect the sales of a company which is basically the outcome of the company's marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies have to focus on the factors that influence customers buying behavior. Such strategies should include the ability of the company to provide a marketing mix that is able to satisfy all the customers needs thus the importance of obtaining information as what, when and how consumers purchase product and analyzing the data in order to design an effective marketing strategy that will get the attention of the consumers. The analysis of the buyer's information also allows the company marketer to predict the future responds of its consumers hence maintaining them which is critical for success.

The inherent ability of a buyer to recognize a problem or become aware of a need stimulate shim to make decisions on buying the product, so the marketing of such product should be appealing to the buyer so that its able to stimulate the recognition for the need e.g. advertising a deliciously cooked meal stimulates the consumer to be hungry hence wanting to eat thus end up buying the food to satisfied his hunger.

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Some buyers may require an external information before making a decision to buying a product hence may inquire from friend and family member, this behavior therefore indicates that the marketing strategy to be allied should be wide enough so as to reach the external sources which helps the buyer to make decision on whether to buy the product or not.

Some buyers may also require to access a variety of information or alternative sources of information before making a decision concerning a product he intend to buy, so, markers have to influence the decisions made by framing of the alternatives.
In addition to that for a buyer to buy products with high degree of economic, psychological or performance risk like cars, education, and computers then they have to spend much time seeking information on the product before making a decision so the marketing strategy for such products should be highly motivating in order to convince the buyer easily. Moreover, the products that are both on routine or frequent basis like the low cost items how a programmed buyer behaviour which requires little or no such and information to buy, therefore such products also require less marketing efforts as compared to products that are expensive and rarely bought by the customers.

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Finally some products needs a limited decision by the buyer and these are products that bought occasionally hence requires moderate amount of time and information to make a decision basically involving obtaining information on unfamiliar products.

Marketing for Internet Sales

Internet marketing is a type of marketing that involves marketing of services or products over the internet. Despite the fact that internet marketing offers successful way of marketing products some of the internet sales are not done over the internet because of various reasons. For instance the first reason is the concern for information security which may make some consumers to hesitate in purchasing overt the internet due to fear of their privacy being infringed on. As a result of this reason the company has to carry out other forms of marketing that will ensure that such groups of consumers are not lost to the competitors, so safer ways which the customer can trust are then employed in place of the online marketing (Davis, 58).

Another reason why some internet sales is not done over the internet is because depending entirely on the internet marketing results to inability of the costumer to taste, try on, touch or even smell the tangible goods prior to online purchasing and this ca be limiting thus the need to carry out other marketing strategies that counters the setback hence making the company to its customers through liberal return policies as well as provisions of in-store pick-services.

Internet marketing often take place online or in the web and it can take place via e-mails and wireless media. The digital marketing or web marketing may also refer to a placement of media along the various stages of customer management cycle, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web 2.0 strategies, email marketing and placing of banner ads on selected websites.
Marketing takes place in form if e-commerce which involve direct selling of goods and service to consumers the other business to consumer, business to business and consumer to consumer. Also it takes place on lead-based websites where the company acquires sales leads from its website and generates value (Samar, 213).

Internet marketing also takes place through development of a product by one entity and being sol by the active seller for a share of the profits. This type of marketing also takes place in the local internet marketing which involve a company utilizing the internet to nurture relationships that benefits it in the real-world and it includes the sue of social media marketing, targeted online sales and local directory listing. White hat marketing is also a place where the e-marketing takes place and all the acceptable practices by search engines are strictly adhered to unlike the black marketing which often employs deceptive or abusive methods like use of spam or even routing customers to unintended pages.



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