Free Custom «Online Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Online Marketing» Essay Paper

The increase electronic and internet use by both customers and businesses is having certain intense impacts on development of communication and trade across the world. For customers, improved technology has been helpful in provision of information, wider choice of services and products, convenience and variety of prices globally. For businesses and organization, new technologies create channels for their products, a channel for marketing and opportunity to expand markets globally. As internet use continue to increase at such an alarming rate, the field of marketing has been irreversibly been transformed creating a need to stifle it (Kleindl, 2003).

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According to Urban (2004), it is evident that marketing practitioners are beginning to utilize and combine incoming technology with other traditional practices. This will be by way of modifying what is seen as wrong in the already established traditional techniques. This has lead to one having to find out whether corporate values for a website format and update process are likely to asphyxiate the originality in developing a site and reduced its value.  In the search of originality of websites, companies have created a competitive advantage where there is creation of website which is not consumer friendly. Some of these sites tend to show case goods and services which are not exactly displayed by the same companies (Reedy & Schullo, 2004).

Marketers fittingly insist that alluring in sustainability values cannot surmount a basic weakness in merchandise quality, yet with outstanding products there is substantiation information that societal and environmental aspects can be used to distinguish whether a niche  is   profitable or not. For them, Sustainability standards can be a triumphant differentiator which forms a key part of the efficient and emotional attributes of either goods or service (Chaffey, 2007). In conclusion, marketers should use improved technology and internet services in the best way possible so that customers may develop trust in what is posted in companies websites. Proper services distributed by way of digital media and internet forms strong relationships between customers and co-operates.


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