Free Custom «Ohio State University» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ohio State University» Essay Paper

The Article.

Sports Marketing Quarterly 2007 16 4-6 West Virginia University. by Tom Hof.

The article has put a spot light on the state of affairs at Ohio State University.

The article talks about Ohio State University and how it manages to succeed business wise and also sports wise. We are able to learn that it is college where every head is guided by his/her own principles, where students have their own goals of excellence to achieve and also focus in whatever they do may it be in the field or in their various departments. This is how the Ohio State University has been prosperous in co-curriculum activities over the past years. The assistance of creative leaders has also played a big role in their achieving of success.

Innovation or rather creativity has helped much in the achievement of success in the college where it is evident that it was their mission statement and the entire leaders who were avoiding the risk of being stagnant and thus left behind, since it is a matter of competition with other colleges there was the need of innovation. Good leadership also boosted the success of the college. Talking of success and great achievements, we learn that the goal of Ohio State University is to ensure that their students get an exceptional education and opportunities in athletics and this can be done by hiring the best coaches to train them well in the field, by providing good venues of practice and competition and also providing facilities such as well equipped laboratories as this will foster success. We also learn that Ohio State University is more of a business centre, talking of the fund raisings and revenues required to meet all the expenses in the institutions, its not an easy task to raise all that money to run such a business institution but having that goal of excellence, nothing is impossible. The money that is generated from the business is invested back in their program.

Technology is the other major factor that has played a great role in the achievement of success and also the development of the college/business. Technology has helped in such a way that it has enabled the leaders to communicate more often and using their websites to pass their story more quickly. It also enables them to email those who have invested in them about their good fruits of their investments, that is the achievements and of course success. Technology has allowed their customers to buy things such as tickets amongst others online. Someone may accuse the institution for being more of an entrepreneurial than an academic center, but its goal is to provide experience to the talented student-athlete. Learning from the professionals has also fostered success in the college. We are able to learn that the Tom Hof learnt a lot from his partners, the way they guided Ohio state athletics to where it is today. Working hard tirelessly and determination led to the success of Ohio State up to date.

I disagree with the leaders’ decision of running Ohio State as a business college because for one the main reason why students go to school is for them to be equipped with knowledge to be the better leaders of tomorrow. I criticize this a lot because believe me you not all the parents have a clear idea of what their children do while they are at school. Yes you may have that talent but the first thing is to learn and achieve what you wanted and the rest will come afterwards. How are we convinced that those who have invested with these leaders at Ohio State are that trustworthy? Imagine a case where you invest with them and after sometime they run away with your money, how will you locate such people? I totally disagree with the author. Though there are achievements, it is not logic for a college to be turned into a business centre and the leaders benefiting because of the students yet the students are supposed to be in the classroom concentrating on what took them there.



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