Free Custom «New Verizon Wireless iPhone» Essay Paper

Free Custom «New Verizon Wireless iPhone» Essay Paper

The basis of every business activity is profit making and maximization. This has remained the driving principle of every business whether corporate or individual. It is however important to note that this target is never achieved automatically and many businesses have lived their span without achieving such a dream whereas other businessmen have diverted all their efforts and resources towards profit maximization in vain. Regardless of the approach taken, proper planning is quite essential and is considered as a core principle in business (Petrison, Robinson & Schultz, 1998).  Nevertheless, this does not exclude Verizon Wireless, a telecommunications company in the United States which is planning to launch its new iPhone. The iPhone is considerably smaller in size and more affordable compared to existing calling devices offered by other companies like Vodafone, Verizon Communication and AT & T among others. The device would also allow customers to enjoy extra media services like listening to music, watching videos and viewing of personal photos and it would also involve Wi-Fi connection technique.

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This introduction of a new product in the telecommunication industry has seen companies get threatened due to the competition factor that is expected especially for AT&T which has dominated the market for long. For Verizon Wirelss to make a good sale of the new iPhone, it needs an initial sales promotion schedule in order to properly and quickly fit in the competitive market. An initial sales schedule refers to a plan with specific activities which offers featured for customers within a given period of time. For Verizon Wireless, its initial sales promotion would be aimed at making customers adapt to its economic interests. This step will involve a number of strategies like encouraging customers to engage in repeat purchase, prompt payment of bills, introduction of trial purchase and counteracting the effect of competitors mentioned above. It is worth noting that advertising is a major tool in sales promotion.


An initial sales promotion schedule for the New Verizon wireless iPhone would consider various activities in different locations. For instance, the first Sales promotion will take place at its headquarters, Verizon Wireless head office. This promotion will run for three days during which a number of activities will take place aimed at introducing the new iPhone. These activities will include but not limited to games, prices, familiarization to Mobile Weight Watchers and raffles and trivia.  All these activities will be organized in such a way that everybody regardless of gender or class is comfortable.   In general, the first day willl be a fun day. This is because everybody whether young or old like fun. It will also give consumers an opportunity to know the marketers of the new product. Consumers will also be given door prizes say, for the first ten people which will comprise recipe booklets, one month free messages, a free meal and watch watcher bucks. More fascinating is the raffle that will see four customers tour Universal Studios for free.

The second day will be an information day which will allow customers to get instructions on how to continue maintaining their weight using Mobil Weight Watchers and the existing importance between Weight Watchers and the company. By the end of this day, consumers will have known how to join the service by signing up.  On the other hand, day three will be mainly dedicated to trailing of services and understanding of the operations of the service. Incentives will also be given to non Verizon customers. This will ensure that Verizon Wireless captures customers who have always crying over poor services offered by other companies. The last day will be a demonstration day to acquaint customers with relevant information with regard to the operations of the new product. A major publicity operation will also be done on this day to ensure that millions of prospective customers get informed about the new Verizon Wireless iPhone.



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