Free Custom «Motivating and Leading» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Motivating and Leading» Essay Paper

The four Ps are essential in the marketing arena. They stand for price, product, place and promotion. These four have been used to show how one can introduce a product in the market and then market it effectively.

In this case, a laptop is being marketed in to this market. Laptops are very essential especially in the delivering of information and making work easier in general. They are types of computers which are some of the latest piece of technology we have. Laptops come in different brands, sizes, colors and efficiency levels. Due to all these, good marketing strategy is needed. The marketing mix is one of them and the following is going to show their relationship and how effective this strategy is.

It is very important for one to know the about the product they are selling. The laptop is a version the other computers that we know but it has its advantages. It is lighter and works faster than the desktop computers. One can work with it from almost anywhere. One only needs to put it on the laps and that is where it derived the name ‘laptop’ from. it can come in different colors and for our case here, different girlish colors will be well appreciated. Colors like pink, lime green, baby yellow, sky blue just to mention but a few would really help in marketing the product (Bangs,2002).

Making the product in such a way that favorable to the girls is another way of attracting more customers. For example, a company can sell the computer with free different wall papers that are girlish. Making the computer as efficient as possible ahead of the competitors is also another advantage for the marketer.

The product should also be made of good quality materials since quality things not only attract the customers but also keep them with you.

Most of the people first look at the price of a product more than anything since at the end of the day, what matters is their ability to get off the shelves whether it is good or bad. If a product is new in the market, the penetration is always the right strategy to use in order to penetrate the market.

This strategy involves giving the product which is a laptop in our case, a much lower price than all the other competitors. Most people are attracted by cheap things and when they even find that the product is of good quality, they will even increase the sales. After the product has gained popularity, one can slowly increase the price in order to make profit although one should not just increase all at once as this would scare away the customers (Ranchhod, Gauzente & Tinson, 2004).

Distribution of the product should be well considered. Distribution channels and the long distribution chains should be minimized. If the laptops could just get from the manufacturer to the retailer, it would be cheaper and faster than the other long channels that are used which are slower and increase the final price of the product. The marketer should establish places that the competitors have not fully covered in order to make the maximum sale of the laptops (Armstrong & Kotler, 2010).

Promotion of this particular product can be done by offering something like an accessory when one buys the product. For example, the company can offer to give a free modem to any laptop bought (Bangs, 2002).

The marketer can also decide to sell the product at a discount as a way of promoting the product. Road shows, advertising agents and promotional talks are all essential parts of promoting this product.



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