Free Custom «MKT305 Phase 1 DB» Essay Paper

Free Custom «MKT305 Phase 1 DB» Essay Paper

Primary Task Response:

What is the role of marketing in society and organizations?

Marketing is increasingly taking a central role of all major activities at society and organization levels. According to Hisrich (2000), “Marketing is a central part of every society, influencing everyone in the society to some extent. Marketing has an increasing impact on the decisions made not only by buyers and sellers but also by a diverse group including physicians, lawyers, politicians, and even the clergy” (p.1-2). This therefore implies that more non business organizational activities are taking into practice the concept of marketing leading to its adoption as a universal entity influencing the recurring business perspectives.

Explain your role in determining marketing opportunities and developing plans for QMC?

In the process of developing marketing opportunities and developing plans for QMC my role would entail analyzing the compatibility of suggested marketing strategies in the existing QMC environment. This is because it is common practice for successful marketing strategies to be replicated into the current business environment without giving due consideration to occurring similarities in terms of business objectives, personnel, financial, and institutional resources available. My major role would therefore entail matching the proposed marketing strategies with the current QMC need in order to ascertain cost effectiveness and positive outcomes.

Specifically, describe how you will begin to determine which of the marketing plans in the scenario will be best for QMC?

This would entail carrying out a detailed analysis of the respective industry setting in order to take into account some of the constantly changing variables in regard to QMC. In addition, a component analysis would be implemented based on the respective QMC objectives with regard to industry potential and other variable parameters, for instance, external forces impact on the business cycle and development. Moreover, this would involve conducting a needs assessment based on the current emerging technologies in the computer world.

Summary Response

What have you learned from others' responses?

The responses show the fact that role of marketing in society is progressively taking shape through inclusion into non business environments, which serves to portray an element of industry diversification.

What were the most compelling points from the interaction with your fellow students?

The impact of the 4 Ps of marketing in achieving QMC potential is a determining factor. In the contemporary marketing environment there is an increasing focus on price, product, place, and promotion fundamentals with regard to QMC and previous studies carried out on the same serve to portray these facts.

How did participating in this discussion help in your understanding of the Discussion Board task?

Participating in the discussion enabled me to take into account different view points regarding applicability of marketing fundamentals. The discussion contributed greatly towards the attainment of key issues in the marketing domain focusing on the current context and setting of QMC.

What is still unclear after the discussion with your classmates that needs to be clarified?

From the discussions, there still appears to be potential gap in the integrating marketing objectives in a constantly changing business environment. This especially concerns the constantly increasing costs to accommodate these changes into contemporary practice.



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