Free Custom «Merryhall» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Merryhall» Essay Paper


The report is an examination of Marryhall shopping center fashion show. The shopping center has a number of stores selling fashion products. The company held a fashion show to promote its business which was spearheaded by a committee. The major aim of the show was to show fashion goods that would appeal to consumers from all age group ranging in prices from medium to high prices. Questionnaires were used to carryout the survey with the aim of establishing how interesting the fashion show was to the targeted audiences. It is worth noting that the major aims of the survey were
To determine the level of interest in fashion shows in the shopping centre.
To obtain feedback on the fashion show
To determine the number of fashion items bought by those who watched the show
To determine if there was any difference in the number of items bought by male and female shoppers
To determine the age profile of shoppers at the show

Marketing research is of paramount significance especially before and after a promotion through advertisement is carried out.
[Marketing is the activity, a set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves] Rakesh Mohan, 2005 p. 32).

The report entails the number, percentages of shoppers who gave various ratings to different aspects of the fashion show, a comment on the results obtained and an advice to the management of the firm with respect to the aspects of the show received positive rating. Secondly, the number and percentage of shoppers who were interested in each type of fashion show is also analyzed. Additionally, advice to the management as to the type of fashion they opt to hold in future is provided. A descriptive statistic for the number of fashion items bought at Merryhall during the last month by all the shoppers who responded. Values of the lower and upper quartiles and the coefficient of variation are also determined. Lastly, measure of central tendency are calculated which in turn will help in describing the distribution in terms of age.

Question 1

It is worth noting that to gauge the extent to which the fashion show had been of interest to those watching, five variables were used these are; quality, variety, staging, modeling and viewing. With regards to quality of the show, 35 respondent were of the view that it was good, this represented 29.17%, 21 (17.50%) said that the quality was poor, 56 (46.67%) said it was very good while 8 (6.67%) were of the view that the quality was very poor. Concerning variety, 67 (55.83%) believed it was good, 18 (15.00%) said it was poor, 31 (25.83%) very good while 4 (3.33%) asserted that the variety was very poor. When asked about staging of the fashion show the responses for good, poor, very good were 64 (53.33%), 14 (11.67%), 42 (35.00%) respectively. Concerning the modeling of the show 69 (57.50%) asserted it was good, 33 (27.50%) poor, 12 (10.00%) very good while 6 (5.00%) held that is very poor. Lastly when asked about viewing those that believed it was good, poor, very good and very poor were as follows 40 (33.33%), 33 (27.50%), 27 (22.50%) and 20 (16.67%) in that order.

Concerning quality of the fashion show, majority of the respondent were of the view that it was very good represented by 46.67% of the respondents. Only 6.67% held a contrary view, very poor. 55.83% of the respondent was of the view that the show was good in terms of variety while 3.33% of them said it was very poor. With regards to staging 35.00% held that it was good as compared to 11.67% that said it was poor. This means that the committee succeeded in staging the show to satisfaction of the audience. Lastly, the proportion of respondent concerning viewing was somewhat wanting, only 22.50% held that the show was vey good to viewing. 16.67% asserted it was poor. From the results obtained, it is evident that all the aspects received positive rating although with varying percentages.

Table 1. Rating of the five aspects

Label Quality Variety Staging Modeling Viewing Good 35 (29.17%) 67 (55.83%) 64 (53.33%), 69 (57.50%) 40 (33.33%), Poor 21 (17.50%) 18 (15.00%) 14 (11.67%) 33 (27.50%) 33 (27.50%), Vey good 56 (46.67%) 31 (25.83%) 42 (35.00%) 12 (10.00%) 27 (22.50%) Vey poor 8 (6.67%) 4 (3.33%) - 6 (5.00%) 20 (16.67%) Total 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%)

Question 2

The fashion show broadly centered on products that were general, for men, women and children. To establish the respondent interest of fashion products on the se categories of fashion, an answer of yes or no was sort after. Those not interested on general fashion show were 59 (49.17%) while 61 (50.83%) were. The respondent not interested on women fashion show was represented by 66 which is 55.00% of the respondent while 54 (45.00%) were interested. It is worth noting that 86 (71.67%) of the respondent were not interested in men fashion as compared to 34 (28.33%) who were interested. Lastly concerning fashion [products related to children, only 47 (39.17%) were interested and the remaining 73 (60.83%) were not interested.
From the data analysis, it is evident that majority of the respondents were interested on the general fashion show carried out by the firm. Those interested in women fashion product then followed. The show that was of less interests was that depicting men fashion product. This can be attributed o the greater proportion of the female respondents as well as the age bracket of the respondent. When it comes to fashion, I posit that women are not only interested to see fashion that suits them but also children as well as their spouses or boyfriends.

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In my opinion, for the firm to maximize their sells, there is need to improve fashion show regarding male varieties. It will be rational if they carryout another similar show in the future to find out more about those audineces interested in such products for male. However, the organization need to do that after carrying out a market research.

Table2. Numbers and percentages of shoppers who were interested in each type of fashion show
Label General Women Men Children Yes 61 (50.83%) 54 (45.00%) 34 (28.33%) 47 (39.17%) No 59 (49.17%) 66 (55.00%) 86 (71.67%) 73 (60.83%) Total 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%) 120 (100.00%)



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