Free Custom «Marketing Your Consulting» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Your Consulting» Essay Paper

The first phase is Attention where you get awareness and attention of the prospect or the target market. You cannot sell your products if people do not know that your product exists. This requires knowledge of how to market yourself and in fact, that is why companies spend a lot of money in marketing, through advertising, campaigns, posters, billboards and even in sporting events.

Interest is the second phase. Once you have the attention, you need to make your prospect interested in your product. This is done through identifying their problems and showing how you have a solution to their problems. Here you need to identify yourself as the product or the service and show how able you are to solve their problems and improve their lives since business involves improving people’s lives.

Desire is the third phase. In this phase, you try to compel the prospects to desire your product. This is a very important phase in AIDA. For example, if a car dealer has a potential buyer, he will take his time to explain why the buyer would want to have the vehicle. This will fuel the buyer he will be compelled to buy it.

Action is the final step in AIDA. This is the phase where the desire makes the prospect purchase your products or your services. This is creating an incentive for the people to follow in the way you want them to. For example, as an incentive, a vehicle buyer can be given a discount or free servicing for some time, say six months.

Importance of networking

To develop sales contacts and opportunities, one needs to network. Networking is based on introductions and referrals. The most valuable networking situations are meetings and gatherings, face to face, through phone, business networking websites and emails. This networking involves exchange of resources, expertise and talents. Networking also, helps build helpful relationships and connections with people. Without networking, we cannot make any sales and our businesses would collapse as a result.



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