Free Custom «Marketing Research» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Research» Essay Paper

The success of any business is based on how rapid the business grows and the increase in its consumer base, this however is not easy to achieve unless the entrepreneur is willing to market his/her business not only locally but internationally as well. One advantage of operating a food joint is that food is a basic need and at all times people must eat, the secret therefore lies in the quality of the products that you offer your clients as well as the quality of services offered; the Kudler Fine Foods is one company that has rapidly grown from a local company in 1998 to an international twelve years down the line. The purpose of this essay paper is to justify the importance of marketing research in the development of Kudler Fine Food’s marketing strategy and tactics, and identify the areas where additional market research is needed. The paper will also analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and also an analysis in regards to the development of Kudler Fine Food’s marketing strategy and tactics. It is important to note that the need for keeping healthy by eating a healthy and balanced diet has made some scientists come up with food supplements to boost this, however most food supplements have been found to contain toxic elements that are harmful to the human health. It is because of this that there is need to find a solution and ensure that the human population eats healthy foods that are free from any harmful toxics. The Kudler Fine Food is such a company that has tried to fill this gap.

Marketing Research Strategies

According to Criden, marketing strategy helps organization understand the current market, its competitors and be in a position to determine which unique new product or service it can introduce in order to win over existing and new clients. In addition to that conducting a good market research can enable the organization understand the consumer behavior of their new clients, their needs and this will enable it introduce “customized” products or services to the people (Criden, 2010). Being a relatively young company as compared to McDonalds and other giant food and beverages companies, it is important for the company through its proprietor Kathy Kudler to come up with the best marketing research strategies in order to be able to compete equally as well as penetrate new markets especially in Africa. The company should educate its clients especially in Europe on the importance of consuming healthy foods and for its target market it should tell them of the dangers of junk foods and importance of healthy foods. As a segment of the marketing principles and strategies, marketing research covers the following aspects: gathering information, recording the information and analysis the data recorded in relation to the promotion of the products and services (MT 2009). This are the same steps that the Kudler Fine Foods Company needs to follow in its quest to spread wings.

There are various marketing research techniques that are applied by organization when they conduct this process; one of the most common methods is conducting interviews. As a form of marketing research process, the interview can be conducted either by telephone, face-to-face interview or written interview through filling of questionnaires. It is however the face-to-face interview that is most effective since it allows the interviewer access the facial expression and attitude of the interviewee (respondent). In addition to that face-to-face interview gives one an opportunity to sample the physical location that they wish to implement their marketing plan.

After conducting the marketing research the next step is the marketing processes; the Kudler Fine Foods should come up with a viable marketing process although this is the most difficult task for the sales and marketing department of any organization. The following set however should be taken in consideration when coming up with a good marketing process that can be implemented in the marketing principles and strategies. Define the objective of your marketing process, identify case of study and the problem to be addressed, the importance of the research to the process, design a draft research proposal, identify the methods to be used for data collection and sampling, spell out the techniques of measurement, select the case (area) to be sampled, use the relevant data collection methods and finally study of results (Mutton, 2009). The rapid growth and development in the information and communication technologies sectors has seen most business increase their sales and also rising companies have used different information technologies (IT) strategies to enhance operations and improve customer service. This is one area that the company that can take advantage of to advertise its products and services, the use of the organizations website has already put the company on the international arena, it also make use of social networks sites like tweeter and facebook to capture the attention of the youth most of whom depend on junk foods for survival. According to Kudler Fine Foods Portal, Strategic Plan (pgs 15-16) Mrs. Kudler has plans to add to the inventory and ordering automation by introducing new e-commerce capabilities and an online catering link.

Despite the fact that the Kudler Fine Foods has curved an inch for itself as being a leader in gourmet foods, there is still unexploited market that the company needs to fully explore; Africa. The company needs to explore this market because of two things, consumers and the natural food ingredients. It will however be not an easy task to conduct market research and introduce their products and services because of poor infrastructure and the slow growth of the information and communication technologies sectors of many nations in this continent that is rich in natural resources and minerals. The Kudler Fine Foods can therefore work with relevant stakeholders in the food and beverages sectors from those nations that it wishes to invest in order to get a “platform” to introduce their products and services.



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