Free Custom «Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Research and Segmentation Problem» Essay Paper

Cook County hospital is one of the medical facilities found in my neighborhood. This hospital is a public urban teaching hospital in Chicago. The health care services provided by the hospital include primary, specialty and tertiary. The hospital serves around five million residents. The number of attending physicians is 300, while that of medical fellows and residence is 400. In the world, this hospital is the largest concentration of medical facilities. The hospital hosts one of the most respected emergence rooms in the whole country, on top of trauma center which is categorized as being on level one. The main street layout of the hospital provides more room that accommodates patients, physicians and the staff as a whole. The hospital is much dedicated in offering units for obstetric and pediatrics, burns and intensive care.

In addition, the hospital serves as the hub of delivery of specialty and sub-specialty cares. In the hospital, the outpatient specialty care centre holds about 40% of the whole area of the hospital. In every year, an approximate number of 220,000 patients get treated by the specialty care center each year. Being the leading centre, the training and education program of the stronger hospital residency, has basic academic affiliation with Rush Medical Collage of Osteopathic, among other collages.

This new Cook County hospital was fully completed in December 2002. This is housed by state of art facility that is positioned adjacent to the old hospital, the first HIV/AIDS clinic in Chicago, was found in 1983 in this hospital. In the year 1834, this hospital was established just like a poor house, providing indigents of free medical care. Latter on in 1847, the poor house was not able to meet the demand of the population in the region. This forced the county to rent Tippecanoe hall, which latter becomes the original hospital of Cook County.

The two ways Cook County hospital could segment its market. The technique to be used during segmentation depends on several factors, like the cost, other than that of carrying out the research, but also the costs of strategy implementation. (Charlie,2010).

Cook County hospital can use a priori Segmentation. This is the best method of segmenting markets. Under this method, Cook County hospital will just split the market according to the already existing demographic criterion like age, sex, among other factors. The version that is seen to be much sophisticated is the life stage. This version combines information dealing with age, children presence as well as the working status. Segments created by A priori method are defined easily as well as targeting them with advertising is also easy. In other sectors, like health, there can exist much stronger relations between age and sickness.

However in other areas like smoking, is much difficult to associate pre-existing parameters for segmentation. Amongst all segmentations methods, A priori segments are the simplest to use and apply. Sorting of database might be done while still on pre- existing information. On the other hand, even the most sophisticated versions under these segmentations, are in one way or the other crude, (Admin. (2010).

Cook County hospital can make use of can that psychographics. This involves attitudes, personalities, opinions as well as lifestyle to segment its markets. These traits used are in one way or the other related to behavior. They also provide the insight into how communication is to be made to different segments. Reaching the segment that is chosen is then the issue. This is reached by the use of large-scale single source survey.

The prepared lifestyle provides inner perception of neighborhood on the Cook County hospital. This is done by looking at the number of people in the region who have cooperated at the time of writing the profile. Their perception will be termed positive, if and only if a large number of people participated freely in the exercise. The quality and accuracy of the information provided is another factor. When people are ready to provide accurate information concerning them, then the perception is positive and the reverse is true. Another way that shows insight perception of neighborhood from the lifestyle profile, is by assessing whether the neighbors do follow given instructions. After visiting the facility, customers are given certain instructions to follow, for instance, a client might be instructed by the doctor to stop eating certain kinds of food. If neighbors are ready to follow the doctor's descriptions, and then indicate them on the lifestyle profile, the perception is positive, while the vice versa is true, (Charlie,2010).

The information collected from demographic and psychographic ways might not be accurate. This is based on the fact that, they all depend on the information that is self-reported. In most cases, people give answers that they believe is most desirable, for instance overstating the size of their salaries. In connection to that, most cases, people might lie. It is a fact that, not everybody provides true information concerning them. This is based on a number of reasons like being embarrassed, being annoyed, and even secrecy. Individuals are in most cases, individuals tend to reluctant when asked to reveal their personal information. If it requires downloads, individuals might enter incorrect data. This is where customers are asked disposition of products and the usage of media, or by connecting disposition of the product to the demography. Under normal circumstances, the two methods are not accurate, because behaviors are not easily related to demography.



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