Free Custom «Marketing Project Presentation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Project Presentation» Essay Paper

The project is the opportunity for you and your teammates to demonstrate the knowledge that you’ve acquired in this course. Each team will develop a plan for 10,000 villages on campus. The plan should reflect the opportunities, tradeoffs, and strategies based on your analysis. It should outline a specific set of goals that a marketer wants to achieve and the strategies and tactics for meeting those goals based on a new or improved Web presence. Your final deliverable for the class is a corporate marketing analysis. The report should not be longer than 10 to 12 pages. I am not expecting a dissertation. Make sure to cover the material in your book and justify your analysis.

Written Document due

Your team’s final deliverable is a written Internet Marketing analysis and plan. Your textbook and experience in other marketing or e-business classes should be of help to you. Your project document should be formatted according to APA guidelines. You may wish to use the following organizational structure.

Executive Summary

This is a summary of the important information included in the marketing analysis. An executive should be able to read this section and get a good understanding of the key elements of the document. It is usually two pages in length and should be written after the rest of the paper is complete.

Table of Contents

Include all sections of the paper with page numbers.

History of 10,000 villages

Mission Statement

The mission statement is the foundation of any marketing strategy. It defines the firm's business and long-term objectives. A good mission statement focuses on the market or markets the organization is attempting to serve rather than the goods or service offered. The mission statement should be stated in terms of the benefits that customers seek. You also should comment on how the Internet may be used to further support the company’s mission. Analyze the mission statement of 10,000 villages with the Andreas school of business mission statement, with the university mission statement, and the Business institute for economic developemnet (BICED). Explain how it fits the mission statement of each one of them.

Marketing Objectives

Before a detailed analysis can be developed, goals and objectives must be stated. The marketing objective is a statement of what is to be accomplished through marketing activities. Objectives should be realistic, measurable, and time specific. They should also be consistent and indicate the priorities of 10,000 villages on campus. Be clear about the company’s stated objectives and the additional objectives that you might be recommending that the company take on. Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis): Explain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of 10,000 villages on campus.Explain the company's strengths and explain how it takes advantage of them. Try to match the strengths with marketing opportunities.

State the company's weaknesses. Do not pretend that there aren't any. Every company has weaknesses and denying them reduces your chances of credibility. State the weaknesses clearly and also explain how the company should counter them. This is especially important if there is a match between a weakness and a threat. Think how the company might turn weaknesses into strengths. If that is not possible, explain how it can minimize the impact.

State each opportunity and explain why it is an opportunity. Further, explain how the company can take advantage of it. Consider social, demographic, economic, political, legal, competitive, technological, and ecological factors. Identify opportunities by seeking strategic windows and developing strategic alternatives.

State every threat and explain why you consider it to be a threat and what can be done about it. Can the company turn it into an opportunity? If not, what can the company do to avoid it? Again, consider social, demographic, economic, political, legal, competitive, technological, and ecological factors. Be sure you have identified the competitive threats.

Competitor Analysis and Differential Advantage

Identify the company’s major competitors on campus and in the Miami area, describe their capabilities and elaborate on how your company will more effectively compete based on your recommendations. Consider the best practices of your competitors in doing this analysis. Also explain any sustainable competitive advantage.

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Segmentation, Targeting, and positioning Market Strategy

This strategy identifies the market segments on campus that appear to have a need for the new product or service by 10000 villages. Demographics, psychographics, benefits sought, and buyer behavior.

How many potential customers are there (in each target market)? State whether their target market(s) is (are) likely to grow (justify). Is there a good Internet fit for identified segment(s) How would you position your company and what type of positioning are you going to use? The Marketing Mix

Try to address the traditional marketing mix analysis usually seen in marketing plans, and  the following issues as part of your Web marketing plan. Some of these issues may not apply to your situation. Select and address those that are most relevant to your recommended program.

Product: what products and services are you offering on campus ? How do interactivity and individualization contributed to product offerings?

Pricing: What kinds of pricing strategy are you using and Why?

Communication:  How the firm is going to generate awareness? Are they going to use online levers (banners ads, public relations, search engines, e-mail) or offline levers (TV, magazines, Radio, yellow pages, Billboards), explain why you made such a decision and try to show us a sample of your ad. Be creative.

Distribution channel: Explain the distribution channel, the location on campus where 10,000 villages should beBrand-building Activities

How will your company create an effective brand awareness and identity among target markets? Describe the brand identity and positioning. Recommend a communications strategy (advertising, PR, publicity, search engine placement, etc.).

Financials Discuss the costs and revenue streams, breakeven and ROI associated with your recommendations. If some of this information is not available, make some estimates so we can assess the viability of this enterprise. Describe the general timeline for implementation of this plan and mention foreseeable uncertainties that should be considered.



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