Free Custom «Marketing Plan For iPad in Bulgaria» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Plan For iPad in Bulgaria» Essay Paper

In the contemporary corporate world, market entry/growth opportunity of a product has been faced with great competition. So to speak, there is need to adopt marketing strategies that will overcome the complexity of the particular market of interest and thus penetrate to a point of gaining a reasonable market share. Again in this context, the place of concern anticipated for the introduction of the Apple iPad is Bulgaria. In essence, Bulgaria is a place where the Apple iPad has not yet been officially introduced and as such, there is need to examine both internal and external risks in regard to the introduction of the product. The target sectors in the public sector in Bulgaria are meant to be restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, education centers, research agencies, consulting companies, hospitals, state institutions along with industrial sectors such as Medias, TV and magazines true iPad as marketing tools and users as well.

Fundamentally, it is imperative to examine the market opportunity, its characteristics, value and trends. In this case, the market opportunity given is the Bulgaria whereby the Apple iPad is only found in the Mega stores. Following this point, the price is too high and as such this needs to be corrected in order for the product to penetrate in Bulgaria. At the same time, it is important to note that Apple has its price policy to put the same price across the globe in regard to its products. However, this intrigued by the differences witnessed in regard to VAT price.

Place of Apple iPad marketing

In connection to this point, Bulgaria being the place of the Apple iPad marketing plan, it is described by various Department stores and Molls which entails Metro, Technopolis, Plesio, Technomarket and Multirama among others as such. Needless to say, there is also Rakovski Street which is thought out to be a special street which happens to be specialized in dealing with PC sells. As well, there happens to be a direct store of Apple in the Moll CCS commonly known as iAbalka. Taking into consideration Bulgaria and the given characteristics, it offers avenues whereby the product Apple iPad can be introduced and as such, availed to be bought by the customers.

The Apple iPad product description

Apple iPad has more advantages than most of the products in the same line of products like smart phones among others as such. Arguably, the product is known for its multi-touch screen giving one an opportunity to view the web and thus surf using his or her fingers. In fact, it has been found by researchers that most of people spent much time on the Apple iPad than any other such like device as given in the bar graphs below (Cheap Apple iPad 2010).  It is also possible for one to view the web pages in portrait or landscape on the large screen. In addition, Apple iPad has credible applications like iTunes, maps, videos, you Tube, photos and game center among others. Equally important, iPad is as such multitasking as one can do anything in it along with the fact that it is equipped with over 300,000 applications of which the iPad is able to run them all. Generally, iPad is slightly smaller than a regular notebook computer and with an open, color touch-screen. It is actually designed for surfing the Web, watching movies and reading among others as such.

Basically, Apple iPad is of great value as it can perform great range of tasks. In line with this point, the device is meant to fill the gap that exists between the so called smartphone and the laptop. Actually, a survey that was carried on the effect of iPad on other devices reveals that by owning iPad 38 percent of the respondents will not use a smartphone. This is to suggest that iPad is of great value. In the same line of thought, it has been claimed that about 37 percent of the iPad users presume it to be the first product they have used from Apple. This is to suggest that the device is exceptional being thin, fast and portable. A survey carried of 500 Finance professionals revealed that as compared to Desktop, laptop and smartphone, they spent much time using iPad since they acquired the device (Cheap Apple iPad 2010). As well, 77.6 percent of all the respondents showed that there was an increased handling of their Apple iPad from the time when they initially experimented on the iPad device. The price of IPad in US is at an average of $ 499 with WIFI 16GB at $429 (Tech4Tea 2010). This is presumably the lowest since in the other European countries it has been argued that iPad is more costly (Taylor 2010).

The table below represents the prices of iPad across the world:


iPad Prices(31 May 2010) 16GB Wi-Fi 64GB 3G 16GB Wi-Fi 64GB 3G
Converted to USD Premium over US prices
USA $499 $829 - -
Canada $521 $834 4% 1%
Australia $532 $887 7% 7%
Japan $535 $897 7% 8%
Switzerland $560 $906 12% 9%
Spain $588 $957 18% 15%
France, Italy, Germany $613 $981 23% 18%
UK $620 $1,011 24% 22%


In this context, it is imperative to examine the trends in the Bulgaria’s market. In essence, Bulgarian IT market in 2010 was estimated by the BMI at around US$1.0bn, up from US$990mn in 2009. Along with this point, there is an increasing trend of foreign investment in Bulgaria which is potentially able to boost the IT spending of Bulgaria. Another point to note is that Bulgaria’s 2011 projection is that the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (SAITC) by the end of the year should account for 10 percent of the GDP (Business Monitor International 2009). This is supposed to be accomplished by means of computerizing all schools and ensuring that they have an access to the internet with ease.

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Organizations in Bulgarian have right of entry to EUR300mn from EU structural finances for the development of IT (Report Buyer 2010). This is to suggest that the trends in the country are inclined towards the growth of the IT sector and as such, this makes room for the penetration of Apple iPad in the Bulgaria’s IT market. Utilities, telecoms and banking are among sectors in Bulgaria presumed as to experience privatization and modernization thus triggering growth. Healthcare reform in the IT system presents another avenue whereby Apple iPad may find a market opportunity. The market for computing devices, AV products, and mobile handsets was forecasted to cost about US$1.2bn by 2010. Bulgarian electronics spending of the consumers is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.5% to US$1.4bn by 2014 (Balkan Business News Correspondent 2010). Given to this projection, one can be confident enough that with the right strategies Apple iPad will penetrate in Bulgarian IT market.

Micro Environment of the Bulgarian IT market sector

The IT market sector in Bulgaria has been associated with several internal forces or rather to speak the micro environment factors are varied. In this sense, the micro-environment factors of the Bulgarian IT Market will take in the factors of customers, the employees, suppliers or distributors, shareholders, the media and in the larger perspective competitors. Basically, the PC market is held with a 50 percent share by the HP. Company News HP, Toshiba, Acer, Dell Asus, Fujitsu-Siemens and Acer happen to be the leaders in the IT market for Bulgarian PC sales (Report Buyer 2010).

In fact, the brand computers have managed to so far capture a progressively increasing share in the IT market. In the year 2008, HP was in peak spot in followed by Acer and Toshiba, along with the top five players making for about 50 percent of Bulgaria’s IT market. Again in this context, multinational vendors have been pointed out that in the Bulgarian market; they work with big local distributors like Solytron and ASBIS Bulgaria to penetrate in the market. In the light of this point, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Dell Asus, Fujitsu-Siemens and Acer make the competitors who may pose challenge to the penetration of the Apple iPad which has not yet been officially introduced (Report Buyer 2010).

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Notably, advertising of Apple iPad has not yet been done in Bulgaria and in this case, the support or lack of it may help the penetration of Apple iPad to the IT market or it may hinder it thereof. In line with this point, consumers have been pointed out as to make the micro environment and in this respect Bulgaria’s consumers having been faced by the 2009 recession, many of them have no enough income to spent on iPad since it is presumed as to be so expensive. The most important for the marketing micro environment for Apple iPad in the Bulgaria’s IT market is the issues of distributors and competitors. Basically, the distributors other than competitors as provided involve Capricorn OOD which happens to be an official reseller of apple service. Together with this, there is also Bulgarian Business System (BBS) which is as well an official reseller of iPad. Needless to say, there is also the Apple Premium Reseller who own an official Apple certified service.

Strategies of marketing

Unique Selling Proposition strategy

Basically, USP is one of the methods of marketing and such fits the penetration of Apple iPad in the Bulgarian IT market. This is given to the reason that the iPad is unique in nature and the only device that closes the gap between smartphone and the laptop. This is to suggest that a unique statement like ‘Apple iPad, the best way to see the web, photos, videos and emails”. Such a statement is unique to Apple iPad along with the fact that iPad can read eBooks with an LCD screen. This is incredible and such uniqueness will bring the change to portable computing. Again in this context, the iPad USP may be something like ‘"Our most superior technology in a thrilling and innovative device at an unbelievable price’. Such a statement can easily draw Bulgarian’s population to purchase the device owing to the fact that iPad has unique features that have never been associated with the other devices in the same category (Shimp 2008).  

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Competitiveness strategy

In regard to matters of competitiveness; this can be applied as a marketing strategy for Apple iPad to penetrate in the Bulgaria’s IT market. This is given to the reason that the product has to consider the fact of being competitive in the market since there are other devices that offer high competition and as such, this may hinder the penetration (O'Shaughnessy 1995, p.97). The matters of price in this case have to be considered since the population in Bulgaria has been marked with a tendency to prefer low price devices introduced by foreign companies.

However, this is not always the case for a product with higher benefits. As such, the price should be set at a target that will attract customers and as such remain cost effective (O'Shaughnessy 1995, p.97). At the same time, a higher price may attract the market for iPad given that high prices are associated with quality products. Apple iPad has unique features which make it to fill the gap between Smartphones and laptops and as it has been highlighted it has advantage over its competitors given that it provides greater benefits and service that justifies higher prices and thus the high price linked to the device is justifiable (Cushman & Wakefield LLP 2010).

Promotion marketing strategy

Under this category, promotion of Apple iPad in Bulgaria will contribute to its penetration in the market. In connection to this, iPad promotion in this case will utilize the PUSH strategy which makes use of all available channels of distribution inclusive of mobile operators such like VIVACOM, MTEL and GLOBUL among others (O'Shaughnessy 1995, p.98). Department stores and Molls like Metro, Technomarket, Technopolis, Plesio, Multirama and the PC sell stores like Rakovski Street along with Moll CCS; called iAbalka can be viably utilized for distribution of the product. Another point that may be considered for the promotion of the Apple iPad is by means of introducing it to the young people (Buchta, Dolnicar & Reutterer, 2000). This is achievable by carrying out donation campaigns among schools and universities given that one of the Bulgaria’s goal in regard to IT sector is computerize schools and make the education to be the so called ‘e-education’. In this case, the iPad devices may be offered to the best schools and universities pointing on its benefits. Such an attempt will bring about increased sells of iPad in Bulgaria.

Growth marketing strategy

The current state of affairs in Bulgaria has been presented with high market share for Apple iPad. This is given to the reason that the anticipated growth of the IT market spending and as such the consumer electronic spending offers an opportunity for the sale of the Apple iPad. As well, the iPad sales forecast worldwide provide that the there will be high sales and as such, Apple iPad can utilize the given future opportunity to penetrate the Bulgaria market (Fifield 2007, p.282). 

Given above is the worldwide iPad sales forecast in 2010-2011

Equally important, the use of computers in schools and Health IT reform are some of the opportunities that can be utilized to market the product with efficacy given that everyone will be anticipating owning the device for educational study purposes.


Advertising can be crucial as a marketing strategy for Apple iPad. Following this point, there is no any advertising that has been done in Bulgaria regarding Apple iPad and as such, officially presenting the product by means of advertising will increase the awareness of the product to the Bulgarian population which is very educated and acquainted with IT and internet (Knowledge 2001, p.18). Television advertising and internet advertising among other ways of communication along with the development of call centres will provide avenue for the market penetration of product in the market (Gay, Charlesworth, & Esen 2007). Product Comparison advertising can be viable for iPad since as compared to other devices in the market it has unique features.

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Branding is another way through which the marketing of Apple iPad can penetrate in the Bulgaria IT market. So to speak, the branding of the iPad should portray an image that will satisfy the needs of the customers as well as ensure that the brand image matches the benefits of the product (Rogers 2001, p.61). Apple’s iPad brand has so far been criticized since it is presumed as not to offer what its image provides; therefore, it should be branded as an ultimate multitasking device of which the branding should match the benefits attributed to it. Branding attracts Prospective buyers by evoking an emotional response called loyalty and thus it is a good marketing strategy as it influences consumer behavior (Batra 2006, p.765).

Differentiation marketing strategy

As a matter of fact, differentiation strategy has to do with the marketing being focused on the uniqueness of the product throughout the industry (Fifield 2007, p.98). So to articulate, Apple iPad may focus on its special features and its ability to multitask, read emails, browse with ease, photos and video watching along with its multi-touch screed as LCD screen. Based on this point, marketing of iPad in Bulgaria may take this strategy since the product has unique features not present in either laptops or smartphones and thus there has been willingness of people not using the laptops and smartphones after owning Apple iPad.   


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Market awareness and sales objectives for the first three years

Arguably, the market awareness of the iPad in the Bulgaria market is limited since as a new product, IPad is still not improved well enough on the Bulgarian market. So to speak, world forecast for iPad will reflect a lot to the Bulgarian consumers and thus it will be possible for iPad to penetrate in the market. As well, sales objectives for the first three years are expected to take a market share of about 68 percent. In order that Bulgarian market may gain the biggest market share of a minimum of 68% in the tablet devices consumer sector, three years projection would bring this to a reality. From a general point of view, market awareness can be made possible by means of availing the product to the Bulgarian population and officially introducing it.



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