Free Custom «Marketing of E harmony» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing of E harmony» Essay Paper


E harmony has been flourishing since its initiation in 2000 and has used up millions upon millions of dollars every year in marketing their services. Moreover, they proceed to inform you that they have your perfect match that has been waiting for you from the day you were born. Regrettably, they are holding him or her captive until you pay from $59.95 for a month to $251.40 for a year for their service and answer correctly the outmoded 436 questions, and optimistically they would not reject you. I tend to disagree with this notion because if, someone has been waiting for you, then you answer the questions wrongly or fail to pay, and then there is contradiction.

Although e harmony has successfully joined many couples, it is difficult to believe that this emanates from their 29 key dimensions of personality profiling. The majority of these key dimensions on e Harmony are much clear to everyone because singles usually know the qualities that they are searching. One of the great downfalls of e Harmony is that they only let you choose members that are similar to you. In addition, most of the 436 questions that they need someone to respond are very similar, repeated in diverse verbiage. For instance, on one page they will enquire if you feel good about yourself, and on another page, they will ask you if you have an optimistic self-image. Surprisingly, a few pages later, they ask if you feel you are a negative person or a positive person.

E harmony do not notify all probable members that it is mainly a dating site for Christian, happy individuals, above the age of twenty-one and wish to get married. This means that their core rationale is that they merely want to meet others that are similar to them and in the same age group as well as earning similar income. Another great down fall of the service is that if you respond to one question wrongly, it is possible that they will discard you even though you meet all of their criteria. Nevertheless, on numerous pages of their application, they indicate that there is no right or wrong answer.


There are numerous other dating sites in the market to choose from including Great Expectations, and These sites have not spent millions of dollars to advertise their services. I believe that e harmony should improve some of their products and services in order to compete in the market. They should change their qualifications for dating and avoid using a lot of money for advertisement. For my future career, this task is useful to me since I will be able to apply better and realistic promotion mechanism for the products of the company that I will be working.



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