Free Custom «Marketing Myopia» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Myopia» Essay Paper

Establishing strategies and producing products that reflect the needs of customers in the industry enhances business growth and competitive edge. The needs to focus on customer demands rather than making high sells volume is discussed in depth by Theodore Levitt, in Marketing Myopia. Levitt gives an informative description, techniques and systematic procedure to industries focused on satisfying customers rather than concentrating on producing products. This entails deploying marketing myopia in respective industries to achieve swift growth on an organization.

According to Levitt, organizational growth declines based on inadequacies of its management team rather than changing market environment. Focusing on the precise needs of customers in an industry is the fundamental step toward consistent development in both saturated and growing markets. This calls for firms’ management to put themselves in client positions in order to understand what needs that need to be met—this should be done before any production process is implemented. Inability of an organization to focus on wants of the customer is highlighted by the author from two distinct industries. Notably, the railroad industry declined because the emphasis was on railroad rather than satisfying the needs of customers in the transportation sector.  According to Levitt, organizational operations concentrates on products instead of satisfying customers wants in the industry. In addition, the author highlights the situation involving Hollywood and television. Decline in Hollywood involved perception that it concentrated on film production rather entertainment. This highlights inadequacy of Hollywood in focusing on production instead of formulating avenues to satisfy customers (Dusserre, Para 3).

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According to the author, concentrating on production and high sales volume culminates to a gradual decline in organizational competitiveness. In addition, production and innovative techniques is not sufficient in satisfying customers in the increasingly competitive market environment. However, deploying appropriate marketing techniques is paramount in transforming an organization to greater heights. Marketing establishes a direct avenue of interaction between customers and an industry and therefore poses a fundamental aspect of influencing development. Levitt illustrates positive contributions of deploying marketing strategies to focus on satisfying demands of customers rather than bulk sales or production. This can be illustrated by the marketing strategy deployed by Henry Ford in producing affordable cars. Though bulk production was part of the organizational strategies, the fundamental factor that influenced the implementation of the strategy involved needs of customers in the industry (Dusserre, Para 4). The strategy illustrates the relevance of deploying marketing strategies focusing on enhancing needs of customers rather than products.

The author gives a close illustration of focusing on customer demands from a practical perspective. Considering the petroleum industry, customers are interested in gasoline based on resultant capacity to give motorists rights to drive their vehicles. From this perspective, customers’ needs in the industry involve capacity of giving motorists right to drive their vehicle without refilling gasoline (Dusserre, Para 7).  In this case, developing products based on the need of customers culminates to not only organizational development but also bulk sales of the organization. Development of an organization should therefore reflect on needs of the customers. According to the author, an industry should design its operations and establish an apt platform of satisfying customers.  These should reflect operational functions to ensure fundamental objective is achieved in line with organizational mission. Following these key steps would indeed go a long in guaranteeing highly satisfied customer base and therefore profitable relationships.


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