Free Custom «Marketing Management Information System» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Management Information System» Essay Paper


Changes that have been made evident in the practice and theory of marketing have been shaping industries in a very huge manner. Marketing management that is in relation to the over popularized information systems and technology have also been part of the victims of the changes that have rocked the sector of companies today. The modern marketing management systems has come as a source of huge relief to most managers due to the fact that it enables more adequate and reliable handling of the ever increasing internal and even external information flow and its quality. It is apparent that the Market Management Information System is even growing stronger so as to be the main means by which the brand and corporate image can be optimized (King 2007).

Many definitions have been put forward to explain the real meaning of Marketing Management Information System. The very basic definition is that it is seen as a process by which a group of procedures and methods for the scheduled planning, analysis and presentation of information is utilized by managers in making marketing decisions. A further definition of Marketing Management Information System claims that it gathers, sorts, analyzes, evaluates and distributes not only pertinent but also very timely information that is intended to be used by decision makers in marketing to utilize in making better their planning, implementation and control of information.

For many years, Marketing Management Information System has been viewed as the support that is offered to the marketing management in the midst of its decision making process. In the current corporate world though, Marketing Management Information System is coming out to be the real solution that can be offered to the entire department of marketing in an organization (Stair 2009). Basically speaking though, Marketing Management Information System is a broad and very open concept whose understanding ranges from the strategic to the operational levels. It is in this regard that this paper aims at specifically ensuring that the main aspects surrounding Marketing Management Information System are addressed. With more objectivity, the objectives, types of management decisions supported, input data and the output data for Marketing Management Information System have been critically discussed in the paper.

Objectives of Marketing Management Information System

The management approach that is given to marketing can be traced from the concepts that are offered in market mix, market segmentation marketing concept and the product life. With the integration of information technology in the marketing management, the main goal is to ensure that the solution to offer an optimal marketing mix which is composed of promotion product, price and place solutions for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the chosen market consumers who form the target market with a consideration of their competing demands and preferences. By incorporating the concept of marketing mix, the managers utilize further information systems in marketing to ensure that the management of marketing is a whole process which accommodates various functional units that jell together in optimizing the marketing success in an organization.

It is during the years between 1960 and 1950 that the concept of marketing management was widely accepted in the bossiness arena (Bojanic 2009). This marked the formal detachment f business management from the traditional sales management that had previously been the main form of managing the sales and marketing operations in the business. By incorporating the concept of marketing mix and the information systems in the marketing management then it is clear that the main agenda is shifted form having marketing management as only being focused on the management of sales.

As a matter of fact, the management ion marketing is a broader term in business that is mainly primed at ensuring that the consumers are offered with the best quality of services and goods under the very competitive markets. Unlike in the traditional function of management, marketing management is mainly characterized by networks and strategic partnerships in businesses which are tailor made to be very flexible in their operations (Axelby 2005). Consequently, the Marketing Management Information System is given the main duty of ensuring that a perfect linkage is develop between the customers, suppliers and the resellers in business.

Management Decisions Supported by Marketing Management Information System

In the modern marketing as had earlier on been mentioned, Marketing Management Information System is no longer limited to management. As a matter of fact, it is inclusive of operational, marketing systems and sales oriented systems which function to make the daily marketing operational activities become successful. The basic activities under this are inclusive of database marketing, operational sales and telemarketing management. The users of the decision coming form the Marketing Management Information System are mainly found in the operational sales level, marketing personnel and middle management (Gerrit 2010).

Some of the strategic decisions which are supported by Marketing Management Information System are mainly originated form transaction processing systems, decision support systems and expert systems in marketing. Transaction processing systems is mainly about the incorporation of computers into the business applications. In the marketing department, transaction processing systems are utilized in areas such as making order entries, processing of the orders, and all the routines that are involved in the invoicing. From the following, a set of routine reports are produced and they are effectively utilized by marketing managers in actively making decisions about the data processing in the organization and how it consequently affects the optimal customer satisfaction by the firm.

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On the other hand, the decision support systems are used by managers in Marketing Management Information System to adequately make sober decisions on the most current performance of the organization (Kotler 2007). As a matter of fact within the decision support systems, the annual reports that re produced regarding the performance of the business are used to effectively help the management to develop decisions that are helpful in offering solutions to unstructured problems.

Finally, by using expert system in marketing, the management can be used to effectively develop various decisions for the firm. As a matter of fact, the management team in itself forms the core component of Marketing Management Information System. They offer their expert advice to the firm on strategic marketing decisions like the launching of a product into the market and other unique situations.

Input Data for Marketing Management Information System

The Marketing Management Information System is simply a process that uses a whole lot of input data for the purpose of releasing specific output which is then termed as the product of management which is enjoyed b the customers. In this regard, it is therefore very important that the input data is clearly identified for the purpose of ensuring that the management offers strategic information targeted at helping specific situations (Felix 2005).

Order entry forms the very basic data that is used as an input in the Marketing Management Information System. The order entries may be used to means a range of data that can be used by management. Order entries may be either specific order from the customers, orders across the various departments of the marketing department, or even orders that exist among the various firms that are linked by the information system. In this regard, these orders act as a very important part of the data that the management uses to make decision about the marketing position of the company.

From a different perspective the fact that Marketing Management Information System is a system that incorporates various departments within the organization so as to ensure that the customers’ needs are satisfied by the firms from all spheres, various departments in the organization forms part of the Marketing Management Information System (Bagad 2008). It is therefore true to conclude that the information or data that a department has as its end product then automatically becomes very important data for the next department in the lineage.

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The larger scale of the same is also true. The end products of the various companies that are linked together by the same Marketing Management Information System becomes the data to be used by an organization within the same system of information.

Output for Marketing Management Information System

Processing of orders remains the main point form which the output in the process of Marketing Management Information System. By having orders processed, the Marketing Management Information System is then capable of satisfying the various needs of the stakeholders that are presented in the orders. Also from the Marketing Management Information System, the main output that is deemed as the most important is the fact that the financial performance of the companies is as a by product of the activities of Marketing Management Information System (Felix 2005). The presence of an effective Marketing Management Information System will consequently result in very positive results which are mainly expressed in optimal profits by the firm. Consumer satisfaction from all point in the marketing is also a very positive output of the Marketing Management Information System.

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Workings and Relations of Marketing Management Information System with other Information Systems

Marketing Management Information System is mainly linked to five other information systems in the business framework. The main systems that are related to it are inclusive of marketing intelligence system, marketing research system, marketing decision support system, the planning system, marketing control systems and the report system. The intelligence system is mainly entails identifying various problems, diversities and opportunities that are presented by the external marketing environment. This tool becomes very useful in the external control and analysis of the marketing situation (Kotler 2007).

The research system on the other hand is mainly responsible for ensuring that any information that is relevant to a specific marketing problem is highlighted with its relevance to the company. This is done using various methods which are conducting market surveys, pricing, product launching among many other instances. Just as was the case with the intelligence system, the research system is also used by et marketing department in carrying out analysis.

The marketing decision support system is mainly used to ensure tat the interface that is used to make decisions is available for the marketing department. In this category, the available data together with statistical and extensive marketing capabilities are used in the process (Gerrit 2010). This system is very helpful to Marketing Management Information System in ensuring that the decision making made is accurate and optimally benefiting the firm.

Finally, the panning system is very useful to the Marketing Management Information System in ensuring that strategic moves are made by the company in capturing the available marketing opportunities and marketing decisions. Under this particular system that aims at analyzing and planning for the Marketing Management Information System, it becomes very important that the marketing tactics used are optimally benefiting to the firm. As has been indicated above, the Marketing Management Information System is one that is networked with other many functions in a firm for it to effectively function.



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