Free Custom «Marketing DQ» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing DQ» Essay Paper

For a company involved in global marketing, the major decisions of the company and its core objectives originate from the headquarters. However, it is explicit that foreign managers and the subsidiaries in general tend to develop their own strategic visions, culture, and form processes that are different from those of the headquarters. In that effect, the headquarter activities are narrowed to just a few hence giving the regional managers a lot of control in terms of decision-making. However, Cavusgil, Knight, and Riesenberger explained their book that “activities like research and development and manufacturing are centralized at headquarters, and management tends to view the world as one large marketplace” (2008). Additionally, the headquarters is responsible for ensuring adequate communication with the subsidiaries to ensure that their operations are integrated with the marketing objectives of the headquarters. Consequentially, the headquarter delegates a lot of autonomy to the regional subsidiaries enabling them to operate independently and to respond appropriately according to the local demands. Additionally, the management at the subsidiary markets is allowed to adapt products and services to suit the needs of each country. An example of a company that suits this category is Coca Cola Company.

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One size does not fit all, therefore organizations position themselves in the market by developing brands which are tailored for each region, based on the market needs, as well as making brands that are suitable for the universal market. John Tailor explained in his book that multination companies must understand the needs of their customers. By this he meant that they must recognize the difference in culture, life styles, religion and many other demographics that define their market (2000). With this, the company must design brands, or synchronize its existing brands with the needs of the particular regional market. On the other hand, other products and services are universally consumed in the same way as they would be consumed in other regions; therefore, they are a universal brand.

Yes I want the internet to be regulated. Apparently there appears to be no law that regulate use of the internet in terms of content and other internet uses. According to Appleman Lawrence, this exposes the users to a lot of danger and harm, such as political activism, foreign , influence, obscenity, child pornography, sexually explicit content, subversive materials, violation of public property, racism, hate speech, the list is endless. In my opinion these should be regulated and contained (2008). Additionally, Tambini, Leonardi and Marsden found that Vint Cerf classified internet regulation into three types: technical constraints, legal constraints and moral constraints (2005). I believe that all these forms are very necessary, but in this context, moral constraint is key, especially because most internet users are exposed to unethical content. These range from racism, political activism, misleading advertisement, scam, exposure to malware, and cybercrime. It is worth concluding therefore from Ferrell Linda’s script that marketing ethics is generally about having moral conduct in the marketing process, and avoiding deceptive marketing in bids of closing sales (n.d).


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