Free Custom «Marketing Assignment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing Assignment» Essay Paper

The Disney Company happens to be one of the world's largest groups of merged firms with the assets encompassing movies, television, publishing, and theme parks. This essay identifies the environmental factors in Europe that the Disney marketers should consider while undertaking their international program.

Environmental factors

The marketer for Disney is supposed to come up with decisions about the marketing exchanges, activities and the strategies employed by the company. These decisions depend on the trends in the marketing environment. The environmental factors that should be considered include the components of social environment, economic factors, technological environment and the political environment. The marketer should identify the available opportunities or challenges in the marketing environment and come up with decisions that minimizes the challenges and capitalizes the opportunities.

The social-cultural environment includes the trends that are related to different persons such as behavior, attitudes, believes, population and the growth projections. This social-cultural environment may bin crease the market size, decrease or sometimes create new markets. Therefore, the marketers should be fully familiar with the social trends in Europe in order to boost the operations of Disney.

The economic environmental factors include the income level related trends. It also relates to the production of the goods and services. The economic environment determines the purchasing power of the markets in Europe. The marketers should put into consideration the levels of the economic activities per person since this data gives an assessment of the purchasing power of the individuals in Europe. The political environment includes the trends that are related to various government activities and the laws that affect the marking process. The marketers should understand the specific laws and regulations in Europe.

Finally, the technological environment’s trends are related to different innovations that affects the production of new products in the European market. The marketers should persistently monitor the technological environment in order to get the appropriate opportunities that will in turn boost the position of Disney in Europe.

The Disney organization should adopt the multidomestic marketing strategy because it makes Disney a collection of relatively independent operating subsidiaries and each of them directs its focus on specific domestic market.

If all the environmental market factors are taken care of by the marketers, the organization will be in a good position to deal with any threat against it.



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