Free Custom «Marketing - Articles Synthesis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing - Articles Synthesis» Essay Paper


The essay will summarize in writing the articles synthesis. It will integrate theory, and link the articles among each other as well as state the similarities and differences among the articles. It will also explain the contribution of the article as well as relate it to practical applications.


The articles try to explain on marketing strategies that include web advertisement and persuasion strategies that business people use to attract customers. They both try to analyze and compile an exhaustive available survey, and innovative methods, and web advertisements approaches.

The articles show similarities because they both use marketing strategies that are cost effectively in marketing their products. Their strategies aim to cover broad categories of people without breaking their marketing budget. However, there are differences among the articles because one article explains on persuasion strategy, which takes a lot of work to persuade people who are not listening (Merrihue and Nunes, 2010). Another article explains on the power of advertisement of products using alternative media to build their brand products (Merrihue and Nunes, 2007). Persuasion needs a lot of proven persona-based technology, whereas with advertisements, one needs to design products that can capture the attention of the customers.

The articles contribute to affordable marketing strategies that customers can use to purchase for their products. It details marketing strategies that demonstrate the developing plans that companies can employ to target their customers. The practical application of the articles is that in the modern world, web marketing through advertising is largely employed in order to attract wider range of customers in a shorter period. It encourages people to choose effective online marketing strategies that can make sense in business plans (Merrihue and Nunes, 2007).


The article synthesis tries to explain persuasion and advertisement theories that most business planners, or companies employ in order to earn more customers. In any business, one needs to employ market strategies that are cost effective, and that cannot complement, or transmit irrelevant product information to their customers.



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