Free Custom « Marketing Applied Business» Essay Paper

Free Custom « Marketing Applied Business» Essay Paper


Content Overview

 In Qatar, customs are accepted as coffee and shisha (Traditional Arabian Water-Pipes) in a mid-aged Qataris life. Souq Waqif (The traditional styled Qatari Souq) is attracting a lot of young men and foreigners. The goal of the business is to start up a Traditional Qatari Café, not larger than 30x30m room with Shisha`s, Traditional Qatari board games, Traditional hot and cold drinks as well with small snacks and desserts menu. With traditional seating and a great atmosphere many tourist would come to experience it.

 Objectives the business will be:

 To produce a new service that will relate to the business.

  • To implement the new service.
  • To have recycling bins instead of trash bins.
  • To raise awareness through the employees to the customers.

The business`s target audience in start up a Traditional Qatari Café are males and females aged 18 and above due to the smoking law. Optimistically, the social aim of being an environmentally friendly tobacco (shisha) café makes it more attracting for the target audience, since this is unique in Qatar, given that some people do like helping in issues to do wit the environmental conservation, but in a way they can enjoy (Belch, 1993)

Primary (Field) vs. Secondary (Desk) Research

 Primary research is the collection of data that does not already exist. This can be through numerous forms: including questionnaires, telephone surveys, etc. The advantage of primary research is that it accurate however the disadvantage is that it may be time consuming.


Secondary research is the collection of existing data in contrast to primary research. For example: research subjects or experiments. The advantage of secondary research is that it`s not time consuming however a disadvantage is that the information retrieved may not be relevant.

The main reason for choosing to rely on secondary data for the view set objectives of the research is that it enabled great savings in resources such as cost and time, then allowing more effort to be used up on the collection and analysis of the primary data which was the other goal of the research. This data will be utilized in the research as a part case study and will offer a sound ground to build the rest of the research on. Though, there are some disadvantages in the use of secondary data, which should not be overseen. The most important are the consistency and the validity of the data. In order to overcome those complications the author referred to a number of reliable sources such as a specific data that are not available in the collection of the secondary data, data from one store, are likely to be reliable because of the continued reality that depends on the standing of their data (Belch, 1993)

Contemporary Research Findings


Through primary research, it was found that a lot of non smokers and smokers like to go for the occasional Shisha. Qataris. Number of foreigners was also found to be growing rapidly with a number of them visiting the Souqs to experience the Arabic culture.  


Marketing in the context of start up a Traditional Qatari Café is a business concept (terminology) that involves a wide range of activities aimed at ensuring that the needs of the customers are persistently satisfied and a profit gained in return. It encompasses activities such as Advertisin, and Promotion as the most obvious undertakings when it comes to marketing.

It is the “process” through which business corporations establish assessment for customers witan aim of building a strong business - customer correlations so that the greatest profit can be realized. It`s (Marketing) utilized in identifying the needs of the clients needs and on how those needs can be satisfied and their positive return in the final analysis. With the clients at the focal point of it marketing activities, this may imply that marketing management is among the chief components of any corporate management (Hammeroff, 1998).

Marketing Research

Marketing research that shall be applied in start up a Traditional Qatari Café entails the process of carrying out a research to back up the marketing activities and using the information obtained in planning for marketing activities. It encompasses gauging the nature of a firm's marketing environment, attaining information from suppliers and many more.

Marketing researchers utilize the statistical methodologies such as, , tests, qualitative, hypothesis tests, Binomial distributions correlation co-efficient, linear regression, frequency distributions, Poisson and quantitative research to interpret their findings and convert data into information.

Market simply defined, is the audience or the client segmentation tat is being targeted by the business corporate. The market segment may be based on a number of factors, this may include, age, gender, class, geographical region, educational level, or even all clamped into one 9taretin anybody anywhere). In the case of this study, the market segmentation was based on age, which is, targeting audience of 18 years and above (Hammeroff, 1998).

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Market research simply implies research in a given market. For instance, a firm conducting research in a target market, after selecting a suitable market segment. In contrast, marketing research relates to all research carried out within marketing. Therefore, market research is a sub branch of marketing research.

It is an organized effort to gather information about markets or customers and a very important element of business strategy. The term is generally used interchangeably with marketing research. Expert practitioners may, however,  draw a distinction, in that marketing research is concerned specifically about marketing activities, while market research is concerned with markets or the target audience.


What is Marketing Mix?

In starting up of a Traditional Qatari Café it is important to understand the implication of a Marketing Mix as a business (marketing) model applied by business corporations in implementing marketing strategies. The strategies are adjustable and can often be caned to meet the demands of customers and the business marketing sphere. In the early 1960s, Prof.  Jerome McCarthy (Michigan State University) highlighted the 4 facets in Marketing Mix, commonly referred to simply as 4Ps, that is, product, price, place and promotion.


The Facets of Marketing Mix (The 4Ps)

The start up a Traditional Qatari Café has to apply the facet of marketing which is concerned wit the actualization of goods and/or services, as related to the customers needs. It was previous argued that a good product or service will sell itself. But in  the  highly competitive markets of today, there  may be no bad products .Therefore the obvious questions regarding product include:

  • Do the products meet the customer’s needs?
  • What are the features of the products or services tat meet the needs of our clients?

This is a process that involves making decision on the prices of goods and/or services together with the preferred discounts on the products. The objective ere is to work on a pricing strategy best suited for both the clients and the business firm. This strategy begs to ask the questions:

  • How much is the customer willing to pay?
  • How much profit are we intending to gain?

Placement (Distribution):

This simply refers to the process through which the h-goods and services reach the customers (the market).This facet is sometimes referred to as Place, implying, a channel through which a product or service gets to the targeted clients (i.e.  via online or by retail). It poses questions like:

  • Is the product or service accessible at the right place?
  • Is there enough quantity of the product or the service at the reach of customers?

Promotion is the process or the act of keeping the products or services in the minds of the customers to help stimulate demands for the products or services. The ongoing activities of advertising, public relations and sales have often been considered as aspects of promotion. Under this final facet, we are confronted wit questions such as:

  • How are the target audiences or the customers informed about our products and services?
  • How best can we make them not to easily forget about our products and services?

The above four elements generally referred to as the marketing mix, which a marketer apply when strategizing a marketing campaign. These modes (4Ps) are useful when marketing products and services.



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