Free Custom «Marketing and Technology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing and Technology» Essay Paper

Memo 1

To: Technological department

From: Technologist

Date: March 27, 2012

Re: Data safeguarding

 Measuresto Be Taken in Safeguarding the Company’s Data

In an effort to remain in the competitive market, the Hewlett Packard Company should apply new ways of protecting its information. Information assets should be protected from access by outsiders while utilizing information technology (VanHuss, 1997).

The physical security controls should be reinforced to be able to keep maximum protection to the company’s data. Measures should be taken in case the physical control does not perfectly manage the protection of information. This is performed by implementation of a checklist. The checklist helps in compensating the physical security controls when information is retrieved or contacted by other people who do not belong to any company’s department (VanHuss, 1997).  For the company to succeed, every department and group should carry out the following duties, in addition to the use of the checklist.

  1. Protect all data on computers or any other devices, which carry the company’s information. If the data are susceptible or are in writing, the company’s security can be compromised.
  2. Staff should use two dependable devices when accessing data. One of these devices should be able to access information while being separated from the computer.
  3. The remote access of the information should be switched on periodically. Mobile gadgets and other devices should be programmed to ask for password after half an hour of immobility.
  4. Log each computer to access the data stored in the database and validate every extract, unnecessary information should be deleted to avoid disclosure.

Departments and groups have the procedures by now in place. Checking these activities should be done on regular basis by inspectors to ensure the safety of the company’s information (VanHuss, 1997). Every department should ensure that safeguarding measures are put into practice.

There will be an appointment for discussing and implementing these safeguarding measures and putting them into practice, which will take place at the company’s main office on 2 April, 2012.

Memo 2

To: Marketing department

From: Marketing Officer

Date: 27 March, 2012

Re: Ways of improving the Company’s sales

Improving the Company’s Sales

The need to develop marketing strategies is important in improving the company’s sales. Many people, especially the young generation, keep pace with the changing technology (McDaniel, 2011). The Internet accessibility is growing rapidly as young adults are interested in everything concerning it, and the company should use it in advertising their goods and services.

Internet Advertising

The company should center its attention on advertising its goods and serviced on the websites. By doing so, all the young generation will have been covered and will have access to these ads. The use of the Internet in advertising targets about 80% of customers per week. Most popular Internet sites to be targeted in advertising are:

  • Google,
  • Face book,
  • MySpace,
  • EBay
  • iTunes

The company should focus its efforts on the popular websites rather than concentrating on using other media sources such as, magazines and radio as this will undoubtedly promote successful product sales (McDaniel, 2011). Most young adults spend a lot of time on the Internet communicating, researching and downloading various contents and spend much less time listening to radio and reading magazines. Therefore, the company should adapt to the changing trends of technology in order to advance its marketing plans.

Television Advertising

Television helps in advertizing the company’s products, especially if to use TV-shows which attract a vast audience. But, in the recent years, the face of television has changed. The youth have diverted their attention to reality shows for entertainment and the company should focus its advertising attention to that type of shows.

Focusing advertisement on new strategies, designed in order to expose products to the target market, is particularly beneficial because it helps to increase sales (McDaniel, 2011). Effective advertising depends on capturing mainly the youth’s attention. This will increase the sales rates and a gain in market share.

The company has set the date of airing views and discussing the future way of actions in practicing brand new marketing strategies. This meeting will be held at the marketing department office, on 20 April, 2012. 



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