Free Essay Sample «Marketing»

Free Essay Sample «Marketing»

The essay is an in depth examination of the concept of customer engagement. Currently, due to globalization which has resulted to very stiff competition between and among business organization, it has been proposed that customer engagement is the way to go in making organization out-smart their competitors. It has been established that customer satisfaction is not enough to help make organization a household name in the society. Customer engagement has been thought to refer to a relationship between organizations and their clientele that go beyond the sales transaction. It entails an emotional association in which end-users shows a real concern to see that the organization does well than others and are willing to help in the same line.

How to build customer engagement is thus the big question that faces several organizations especially after having in mind that the key to winning a leading edge is by building customer attachment with your organization as well as its goods and services. There are four generally accepted building blocks as regards customer engagement. These include pride, with this end users must at all time feel good concerning the product or services an organization offer and must be proud when using such products.

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Passion is where customers are instilled by it and are of the opinion that the product or service offered to them is irreplaceable. This can be done by discovery. Thirdly, building confidence between the organization and customers is away to attaining customer engagement, this is done by making customers trust the organization. Last and more importantly the concept of treating customers fairly (integrity) is equally important. This concerns things such as the rational behind pricing used. When they are of the opinion that they are treated above board then the organization is on the right track.

The importance of customer engagement is that it makes customers to recommend your organization to their friends, buy from you frequently, exclusively, and more frequently, offer organization feedback concerning how it's performing and more importantly they are less expensive to serve. I agree with the steps or building blocks towards customer engagement, however, there is also need concentrate on other factors that contribute to building a better brand among others. Similarly, the importance created by customer engagement is undisputable but the big question is how to maintain the attained status for a longer term. Thus there is need to have strategies on the same.


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