Free Custom «Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing» Essay Paper

Marketing Adverts

The adverts in the given links are good. This is because, the colour is well balanced and atractive to the eyes of the clients. The graphics is real since it represents the genuine products being sold by the company. The healdines are short, simple, accurate an ddirect to the point. Moreover, they are appealing to the customers because they raise the attention of the customer. The adverts are well amplified in oder to catch the eye of the customer. Lastly, the combinatio of these factors bring out cvlearly the messaeg of the barnd being sold.

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Marketing Profile

I am a young dynamic, results driven and enthusiastic sales & marketing professional with proven ability to deliver innovative marketing concepts and strategies. As a graduate student, I am to pursue my marketing career at the degree level. I conceptualize and develop appropriate marketing solutions to benefit customers, increase market share and overall sales. Possesses strong presentation, negotiation and closing skills plus ability to make strategic decisions and react rapidly in conditions of high competition.

I have several key strengths. First, thorough knowledge of marketing and sales, I am able to analyzee the needs of clients, devise and implement customized solutions. I can develop an extensive business network in any sector. Additionally, I deliver revenue and profit gains within highly competitive European retail markets. Lastly, I am able to prepare products excellently leading to their exportation to other overseas countries. Given these features, I believe I will be able to market all your products while earning you higher revenues due to increased customer base. I a reliable and flexible member of the team and would like to take the opportunity to assure you that if I were to be successful in obtaining this position I would commit to working the hours required to meet your needs.


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