Free Custom «Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marketing» Essay Paper

Online Google Advertising

Online display advertising involves the use of internet as an advertising medium in whereby promotional messages are displayed on other websites or on the pages of search engines such as Google. The messages normally contain messages contain information like text, images logos pictures or photographs on the product being advertised. They images displayed can either be animated or static.  The common methods for purchasing such ad displays include, Pay per click (PPC), or Cost per Impression (CPM).

Display advertising is among the latest forms of internet marketing strategies. Internet marketing entails the strategies of marketing your products and business online. Display is among the several modes of internet marketing tactics. Many businesses incorporate internet advertising as part of the overall marketing. Moreover businesses still regard the use need to use the traditional low-cost marketing such as print advertisement and business cards including the business website address to encourage prospective customers to visit the website.

Display advertisements can be posted in different formats which include banner ads, pop-up ads and text ads. Banner ads are mainly graphic images that display the name and identity of a website, together with giving a short description of the business. Advertisements presented on the website usually contain graphic images together with some text. Banners are the widely used form of display advertising. The ads are most useful when targeted on to the right viewers. Banner ads can be used to generate leads, sales and even create brand awareness. Pop-up ads are advertisements that appear between two content pages. Sometimes pop-up ads are resented by users and very few users will click on the ads. Text ads include commercial messages sent through mobile phones. These texts download quickly and can also be found in search engine results pages.

Market researchers have argued that internet advertising should not be expensive. Marketers can regulate their advertising budget by creating a ceiling on the amount of money to spend on advertising. Marketers should start small and then test out on the different type of online advertising to assess whether they would increasing the number of viewers. Among the benefits cited for online display advertising include; ability to reach a wider audience on quite a small budget, good display of adverts can produce immediate results, it is possible to target the advertising campaign to the right audiences by putting the ad on relevant websites and selecting the right keywords. In addition a marketer is able to track and monitor online advertising by monitoring hoe many users have clicked on the advert.

Effective strategies used by Apple to create loyalty in its customers

Apples brand success is as a result of a well thought strategy to deliver products and develop an Apple culture. This plan has enabled Apple to achieve incredible levels of customer loyalty. Apple has managed to identify itself different from other computing companies through establishing outlets for dealing only with Apple products. This strategy has enabled the company to eliminate the problem of mixed products in one store and created a tremendous customer loyalty. Apple has managed to create friendly sores where PC and Mac users are encouraged to explore the technology provided by Apple.

The products complement one another, such as when you purchase an iPod you ca still downloads music through iTunes. For the average user, majority of Mac programs are created by Apple. This kind of control over the entire user process from hardware to software helps to build customer loyalty. This makes users of Apple products to struggle in search for solutions. Apple pushes for strong association with everything young and up-to-date and smart.

Outlets display a variety of Apples’ products and since many consumers might not be willing to purchase Apple computers, the variety allows them to test and buy iPods or iPhones. Through selling products with low entry costs Apple create an opportunity where new users can be introduced to Apple. By selling it products to education institutions, Apple turns classrooms to display rooms and when students go through school using Apple they become comfortable with Apple’s superior brand and its performance. Through creating this early exposure, Apple is capable of capturing customer at an earlier age.

Moreover apple’s products have the same basic structure.  This consistency enables customers who already own Apple products understand what they will be purchasing even before they have already purchased. The consistency also makes it easy for users to adapt the new hardware which make repeat purchases possible. In addition, by giving people an opportunity to enjoy Apple’s products everywhere from living room, offices and pockets, it makes its customers to enjoy the brand they like.

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Wal-Mart Plans to Expand to South Africa

In October 2010 Wal-Mart planned to enter South African retail market by buying the leading retail supermarkets in South Africa Massmart. Wal-Mart had made a offer of 4.2 billion to the MassMart, the leading South African retailer which has 290 stores which sell merchandise, foods and electronics. This change marked a change in Wal-Mart’s marketing strategy which has seen shrinking market in the United States and many developed countries such as Germany due to stiff competition from local markets. Wal-Mart ha also made large market share in Mexico, and it China and its entering other developing where competition is not stiff.

Wal-Mart is spreading its operation to developing countries whose living standards are high such as Mexico and India. Wal-Mart started its operation in India through trying to do some agriculture and changing the business model through hyper-efficient practices towards improvement of speed of flow of goods and productivity. Wal-Mart does not have any store in New Delhi as a result of a ban on foreign retail chains from selling directly to Indian consumers.  Currently Wal-Mart operates in India through a 50-50 joint venture with Bharti Airtel, a corporation that that also owns the largest mobile phone company in India.



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