Free Custom «Market Segment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Market Segment» Essay Paper

Objectives: a) To promote better services to new and existing patients by attending to their needs during 6pm to 10pm or later, and to increase patient visits by at least 10% (back to last years number) and b) To prevent patients from further being taken over by the urgent care centers.

Marketing Research: a) To collect data pertaining to the price and the types of services rendered by the two urgent care centers, b) To generate feedback and comments from parents of a sample of existing patients about how they think of ABC nighttime, and c) Find out more detail about other urgent care centers in other parts of the country as pertains to price, services, night time clinic hours (how long), promotion etc.

Market Segment/Target Audience: Target and focus on children.

Positioning: - We will determine and then focus on the strength and/or uniqueness of our services, such as what our competitors analysis will show in our marketing research whether the uniqueness of our physician specialties, type of services, equipment etc., are available in their urgent care centers. In short, what we have but they don’t is our competitive edge.

a) Price: This will be decided only after finding out what others are offering from our marketing research, b) Place: Same clinic, perhaps with some simple renovations so to give an impression of change, c) Products/Services: Offering similar professional services as those in our day care, and d) Promotion: Using local TV channels, internet web sites and promotion, and local newspapers to address to parents of children, to leaders of organizations (without own Pediatrics clinic) fostering and caring of children, either profit or non-profit run. And address to all our existing parents of patients in our own clinic.

Our success of ABC Nighttime will be defined by the achieving of the above-mentioned objectives within a year after launching of the night clinic.



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