Free Custom «Levis Brand Makeover» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Levis Brand Makeover» Essay Paper


The target market for the Levi's image makeover is the young generation. However, Levi's is now promoting `Curve ID', but it is not enough to beat up premium jeans because `curve id' is a just guide line for customer when they are to buy Levi's Jeans being confused what will fit them right. Levi's need to offer an optimized assortment of their Jeans products to their customers. Offering of the best mix of the products is essential to the long-term success and for customer satisfaction. The Product assortment optimization needs the strategic inventory decisions and the product selection. The best product assortment strategies should maximize the profits, minimize risk and increase the overall sales.

They should include a kind of the mixture for the Jeans products basing on their respective life cycles in your store. If it offers a strong mix of the products basing on the product life, customers will be satisfied and develop the desire to make repeat purchases of the established product and there are higher chances for them to piqu‚ their interests with the new options. Introduction of new products will increase the amount of time that the customers tend to increase the frequency of routine checks into their stores.


Levi's jeans are quite affordable, to have a better approach to its new line, they will have to increase their price to a margin that will be competing with the premium jeans. But not as high as price of premium jeans. It has to be reasonable. The customer recognition of Levi's jeans price is not high therefore, It is not a good idea to challenge its price recognition, otherwise it rather lose customers who belong to the Y-generation with that is known to be very volatile. As a result its new line would have a narrow range of $100 to $200.

Later on, Levi's Jeans will involve the techniques such as the temporary discounts, coupons, the cash refunds, rebates or the buy-one-get-one offers which are the common pricing strategies that are used to drive the sales.


Levi's jeans should first create the demand for its products. Then get those products into the consumers' hands. Planning of its product distribution strategy needs to be done during the product development stage. The placement of the products is very important because the methods employed in the distribution of the products impacts on the actual retail price of the products. Levi's has worldwide stores as well as online stores. They have been reaching customers greatly. I don't think they need a critical strategy for place, but they should not concentrate on its wholesale store and should not have its products showing up on discount stores like Wal-Mart or target.

This company should use the exclusive distribution strategy to establish the image of its jeans over the premium jeans brand. By use of a limited number of the distribution channels, the partners will be enabled to create an image of exclusivity. Levi's jeans should also consider the parallel distribution opportunities and Set up the market research opportunities in order to find out the customer preferences for the mode of receiving the products.


Levi's will use both direct and indirect advertisements. The celebrity marketing can also be used as a form of indirect marketing, since the y-generation is a fashion sensitive group, they can be easily influenced by the celebrities' preferences. Trendy celebrity association with the brands of Levi's Jeans wears, young people will get the pretty fashionable jeans unconsciously. And Levi's street post ads as direct marketing would better have just picture image with its logo. No slogan no title. No more `go back to original' slogan. It is not working for the young. They just like something simple. Just one image picture that bring unique and trendy image of Levi's well is just enough. The Levi's jeans should determine goals of your promotion to establish the best promotional activities. Your promotional strategies could target a specific demographic or reach millions of people. Therefore Levi's Jeans will use Advertising as the means of product promotion. Direct mails, the televisions, and the magazines. Other options may include; the in-store displays, use of billboards, newspapers, the online display advertisements, and the electronic email advertisements. The Levi's Jeans will develop advertisements that define clear benefits to consumer if they purchase its products, and at the same time reinforce its brand image and reputation through the Internet.


Brand communication helps to bridge the gap in the perception that the target audiences have on the brand. Effective product communication of the Levi's Jeans will give competitive advantages which will targets the receptive Y-generation customers with the marketing message. Product communication strategy is then a very important component of the marketing plan. The best product communication strategies will help to improve the chances of delivering the message to the targeted customers therefore increasing the sales. Levi's Jeans will use multiple methods of communicating with its customers, through the e-mail newsletters, the magazine advertisements, postcards, the billboards, in-store displays, and good product packaging.

New Tactics

Through Internet MarketingÿStrategy; the company will explore the strategies and new tactics that can be used on the Internet to enhance and support the Levi's Jeans and the business overall marketing objectives. It will conduct banner promotions; generate the targeted online traffic, positioning its contents, and the overall brand awareness.



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