Free Custom «Internet Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Internet Marketing» Essay Paper

This is an internet based marketing strategy in which the advertiser uses the internet to make his or her products. The internet is used as the media for the communication (William 2003, pp. 302). The uniqueness of the internet as a media is its ability to provide an interaction between the people and its ability to bring an instant massage back thus making it advantageous to use than any other form of media. Internet marketing usually ties together technical and creative aspects of the internet which include the following: Sales, development advertising and design. It also refers to placing of the media in many stages of engaging a customer through the following: Search Engine Marketing, Banner ads on websites, Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 strategy and Email marketing (Susan 2006, pp. 211). Advertisements in the internet are very common, being virtually in almost every site which a person opens. Most organizations are turning to the internet for advertisements (William 2003, pp. 303).

Models of Internet Marketing

Marketing using the internet has been associated with several models which include the following:

E- Commerce

In this type of model, the seller sales goods directly to the consumers which is referred to as B2c, to business referred to as B2B or from a consumer to another consumer, referred to C2C (William 2003, pp. 304).

Lead- based Website

This is where an organization is able to generate value by the process of acquiring leads in sales from the websites they run.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where one organization generates goods and after that, another organization sale them and share the proceeds which arise from such a sale. In this case, one organization produces the goods or services while the other, using such things as e-commerce sales the goods and services, generating some profit which they share (Carolyn, 2004, pp. 231).

Local Internet Marketing

In this, an organization uses the internet in the establishment of certain relationships which are important in the running of the business in the future (Jinger 2008, pp. 132). The internet itself is not for selling the goods and services but for establishment of relationships, with which the organization will be able to increase their customers. The relationships the organization or the business establishes are for the benefit of the organization in the future (William 2003, pp. 304).

Blackhat Marketing

It is a marketing strategy based on the internet which employs methods which might be abusive, untruthful or deceptive so as to drive web traffic to a certain website (Susan 2006). This can include such things as routing the browser to WebPages which the user had not requested before (Carolyn, 2004, pp. 232).

Advantages of Internet Marketing

To begin with, internet marking is far much cheaper than the rest of the marketing strategies (Chaffey, 2001, pp. 521). The internet can reach a lot of people with incurring of a small expenditure. The expenditure may be the same as for the other media for marketing but internet marketing will reach a bigger number of people thus making it cheaper at long last (Jinger 2008, pp. 133 ). Businesses and other organizations can reach a very big number of audiences with a small amount of expenditure compared to the rest of the traditional marketing media (William 2003, pp. 304). Internet based marketing becomes economical because most of the people will be able to get the information and there will be no need of re-advertisement which will cost the organization more. Once an advertisement has been placed on the internet, the organization will have it running for some time and thus making it save more money than they would have saved if the organization employed the traditional marketing media (Charlesworth, 2009, pp. 360). For example, to run an advertisement in the televisions, it will demand that the organization places several adverts to run so that those who will not get it from the first advertisement will get it in the next. This makes it very costly (Lurie, 2006, pp. 67). This is not the case with the internet in which the organization will only place one advert and after that all the potential customers can view it at any time they visit a certain website (Carolyn, 2004, pp. 233).

Internet marketing has an advantage of being able to measure statistics very easily. All the people who visit a certain website in which an organization uses for advertisement can be tallied (William 2003, pp. 305). This is very cost effective, very fast and very easy. It enables the businesses to know how many people visited their site (Justin, 2007, pp. 202). This is not possible with the other traditional marketing media or when possible, it is very expensive. Other media will not monitor how many people listened to that advert. They can only estimate the number of the people who listen to them but with several disadvantages such inaccurate figures, the high cost involved and the possibility of manipulation of the figures (Charlesworth, 2009, pp. 360). With the proper, cheap and effective monitoring of the statistics in the internet, a business or an organization will be able to correlate the number of the people and the profits which the organization gets (Carolyn, 2004, pp. 234).

Internet marketing reaches many people. Organizations can be able to reach very many people of different walks of life by the use of the internet (Ook 2001, pp. 261). Internet marketing is not limited to physical bounders like continents and countries but can reach everywhere. The internet is available to almost all the people of different walks of life making them access them at will (David 2008, pp. 90). The people will be able to get the information easily and very many people will get it. In addition, internet marketing can be able to target specific people. For example, when the marketing wants to target the youth, the adverts will be placed in such sites as social sites such as face book. This makes it possible for the organization to target the population they want and thus reducing the wastage of the resources directing adverts to people who are not supposed to get it (William 2003, pp. 306).

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Internet marketing is cheap for the consumers and the customers. In almost every part of the world, all the people can afford a computer or a phone with which they can use to access internet. In almost all parts of the world, internet is available which make the people to access all the information (Charlesworth, 2009, 360). As opposed to some media such as the newspapers among others, customers have to pay to access the information and thus some fail to access it because of the cost involved. However, internet is very cheap or in some places free which allow the customers to visit the sites when they want and any time for the duration of time they want (Carolyn, 2004, pp. 235).

There is more space in the internet and the advertisers can provide a lot of details. Organizations are able to give as many details as possible in the internet which will be useful in attracting the customers (William 2003, 307). The organizations can give all the advantages of the goods and services which they are selling enabling the customer to make an informed decision. As opposed to internet marketing, the traditional media for marketing have a limitation of space. It is not possible to provide a lot of details about a certain good or service which the organization provides. If the organization provides a lot of details, the cost will be very high which makes it counterproductive (Ren‚, 2006, pp. 67).

Lastly, internet makes it possible for the clients to interact with the customer care of the organization directly. The customers can ask questions about the goods which the organization is selling and thus enabling it to attract many customers (Ren‚, 2006, pp. 68). The customers can seek clarifications on the issues which appear to be confusing to them or what they feel is not clear. They can also suggest to the organization what they would like to be changed for them to be more satisfied with the goods (Ook 2001, pp. 262). It thus allows for improvement of the goods and services provided (Charlesworth, 2009). This reduces the cost of market researches which the organizations need to carryout to assess the quality of goods produced. In addition, the organization can get a clear feed back immediately (William 2003).

Disadvantages of internet Marketing

Internet marketing does not allow the customers to physically have the goods (Ren‚, 2006, pp. 69). The customers cannot know the taste or the smell of the goods. As opposed to other marketing strategies, the internet customer will lack the physical touch of the good or services. The customer can be lured by the good pictures in the websites of organizations or business to buy goods while in the real sense they are not as good as the customer wants. This will lead to frustration in the customer at the end. However, some organizations have established policies such services of in-store pick-ups which will allow the customers to know the goods physically before ordering the goods and services (Ren‚, 2006, pp. 69).

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The customers sometimes are not comfortable with giving their information through the internet (Ren‚, 2006, pp. 67). There are questions about the security of information passed through the internet. Currently, information through the internet can be hacked and thus compromising the security of the customers (Charlesworth, 2009, pp. 360). Customers will thus not be happy to give their confidential details through the internet since this may be hacked and thus leads to spread of their confidential information. This reduces the ability of the customers to buy goods and services through internet (Carolyn, 2004, pp 236).



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