Free Custom «Internet Marketing: Sony Corporations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Internet Marketing: Sony Corporations» Essay Paper

Sony Corporations is one of the companies across the globe that has been growing at a very high rate in the recent times. There are different reasons that have been associated with this enormous growth. One of them is the use of a variety of marketing strategies among them Internet Marketing. To begin with, there are different types of products and services that are offered online. These products/services include; software, entertainment products, electronic products (such as notebooks/laptops, digital cameras, webcams, etc), repair services and accessories. In this regard, it is important to mention that Sony Corporation has been consistent with its brand and has gone to the point of overcoming the challenges of providing multiple products and as such, this company enjoys leadership in providing diverse products online (Sony Electronics, Inc. 2011). On the other hand, Sony Corporation has continued to promote its products online as innovate and of high quality. In essence, the originality of Sony products has remained as an important Brand Positioning Strategy, both online and offline.

The use of technology and product mix is also an important aspect that is utilized often by Sony Corporation to increase the sale of its products. Note that from the inception of this company in 1946, there are numerous technological developments that have occurred. As a result of this changing face of the market, Sony Corporation has continued to utilize technological innovations to increase its market share as well as improve its relationship with its customers. For instance, it has been observed that there are different online services that are provided by Sony Corporations through different websites to enhance its experience with consumers (Sony Electronics, Inc. 2011). For instance, the internet and websites such as, and provide specific services to the company’s customers thus enhancing their experience with Sony products. Furthermore, the products of this company have continuously gone through an innovative revolution, first to help them remain in the market and compete effectively with other products, and to satisfy the daily needs of customers. Therefore, emergent technologies have been an important aspect of Sony Corporation.

In consistent with this, there are different recommendations that could be made in regard to Sony Corporation’s website development. First, an analysis of Sony Corporation’s website reveals that it has numerous websites that provide different services to the company’s customers. As a result of this, it is important to clearly show other websites that this company has on every website directions in order to assist customers to access different information and services as per their needs. For instance, if a customer was on the main website of the company, he or she needs to clearly identify a link from the main website that would redirect him/her to the website that has the information that he/she needs. This could be achieved by use of animations such as flash animations that would provide the link to the specific website together with a short description of the website. Furthermore, there is need to create sections on the company’s website that would target specific groups of customers rather than using a general approach towards marketing its products online. In other words, Sony Corporation should address the specific needs of different type of customers such as the young people, women, etc. The general appearance of the company website should also be improved, with visibility and clarity in mind (Morrell 98).

Customer Relationship Management

Relationship marketing is one of the most important aspects that are used by companies in marketing of their products. In this respect, Sony Corporation has developed different approaches to ensure heightened relationship marketing. Note that Sony Corporation has continued to focus on retaining most of its customers as opposed to seeking new ones only. In other words, the company maintains the third level of relationship marketing. With this in mind, the company provides additional services and complementary products on its websites which could assist its customers to increase their level of experience with the company products. For instance, apart from selling digital cameras, the company also offers products and services such as lens and repair warranties respectively. This could be further enhanced by identifying different types of customers and developing products using the existing technologies to meet their needs. On the other hand, constant awareness by use of emails, seminars, and internet promotions among both employees and customers could enhance further the relationship between the company and its customers (Plunkett Research Ltd and Plunkett 400).

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Furthermore, the email is used to provide need fulfillment. In this respect, emails could provide a channel to provide additional services to customers after buying the company’s products. In addition to this, emails could be used to promote products that complement products that have been bought by customers (Jerry & Chris Work 73). For instance, when a customer bought a projector, new projector screens could be promoted to customers through emails. Similarly, emails could be utilized in promoting new products to customers.

Finally, there are different features that could be added or rather introduced on Sony Corporation website to build a community. To begin with, the use of animations could go a long way in enhancing the company website. Apart from improving the appearance and performance of the company website, there was also a need introduce blogs which would allow customers to air their views as well as comments on the performance of existing products. Similarly, they could air their complaint and grievances which would increase the ability of the company to assist them.



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