Free Custom «International Marketing Theory and Practice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «International Marketing Theory and Practice» Essay Paper

Introduction and background

Advancement in technology has significantly transformed the world into a global village. With the emergence and use of the internet, access to information continues to be enhanced with every country fostering efforts to improve its information system in order to meet international standards. Although the internet has brought paramount change in the world, it is viewed as a mega marketing tool in the whole world. Due to the increasing demand in internet marketing, many authors and business analysts carry out researches on the role of internet in international marketing.

However, less emphasis has been put on the basics of this approach in marketing, which govern its functionality and applicability to a greater deal (Samiee, 1998). For instance most of the articles and research that is done target the market environment in the United States regarding the use of the internet in marketing. The limitation of this is that most of the countries around the world are still developing and may not measure to the expected standards of fully incorporating the internet as their key marketing tool. For efficiency, internet marketing requires ownership of personal computers and operational knowledge.

Objectives and methodology

The objectives of this article seek to explore not only the use of internet as a key marketing tool but also some of the limitations of this approach in international marketing. To achieve this, the author focuses on two major impediments towards the adoption and growth of internet marketing on a global scale. These limitations are broadly classified as functional or structural issues. It therefore suffices to say that these objectives are realistic and augments the understanding of internet marketing form a critical perspective. With regard to the methodology employed in collection of data, the author widely refers to research work done by other business experts by use of reputable sources, books and journals. This approach promotes comparison of findings and lays a platform for reputable conclusions. 


According to the article, internet plays a major role in both domestic and international marketing.  Moreover, collection and delivery of information about products and services has been considered as the main role of this tool (Samiee, 1998). This information is not only important to customers but also to business owners and managers for good performance management and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the internet is applied mainly in business-to-business or consumer marketing. Another role of the internet in international marketing is that it enhances direct sales. Through the World Wide Web, business activities and processes have been facilitated including order processing, flow of information and promotions.  Sale of internet products and distribution of digital information are viewed as some of the roles of the internet in international business.

Besides the role of the internet, the article covers some of the limitations of the internet. Due to lack of internet regulation among business firms and nations around the globe, internet crimes continue to escalate. Distribution of copyrighted material via online connection has also been a threat to producers of such products like software, music, videos and processed data (Samiee, 1998). Additionally, structural issues that affect the adoption and growth of the use of the internet have been covered. Ownership of personal computers across the globe remains a threat to the use of the internet in international marketing. In addition, the technical know how required in a digital world limits internet use together with affordable internet connectivity. International marketing is also affected by global diversity that dictates issues to do with language use and proficiency, culture and government regulations. On the other hand, functional issues revolve around marketing process and programs including but not limited to customer discontent, promotion, distribution and data management.

Implications for international marketing theory and practice

Based on the international marketing theory and practice, the internet can be seen as a communication tool used mainly for the purpose of creating global linkage. Although international marketing considers it as a major marketing tool, it cannot replace all traditional methods of international marketing. This is due to the fact that the approach is faced with a myriad of limitations in both developing and developed countries.

Internet is a key tool in international marketing. It has promoted business globalization through world wide connectivity. Many businesses have developed and advanced to pinnacle reputable peaks through the incorporation of this tool. However, it has several limitations, which have to be addressed in totality before it replaces traditional marketing methods.



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