Free Custom «International Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «International Marketing Plan» Essay Paper

Timeline and Milestone

July 2010: Extensive promotional strategies have already been started in Berlin. They include advertisements over the radio and TV stations. A number of contracts have been signed to allow the use of some of the city billboards for promotion activities for Miller Lite.

August 2010: Launching of Miller Lite in Berlin. The launching is planned to take place in a local popular bar in Berlin. The visitors/customers will be treated with free rounds of Miller Lite drinks.

December 2010: Three outlets should have been launched to enhance quick supply of Miller Lite to the retailers within the city of Berlin.

In Two Years Time (2012): Miller is expected to tap into five percent of the market. The number beer manufacturing companies are many as a result a tough competition is anticipated.

  • A beer depot has already been identified and it is being modified to make it appropriate for beer storage.
  • Arrangements are being made with a local TV station to buy some airtime for the purpose of informing and educating the Germanys on benefits of drinking Miller Lite.

Monitoring Process

The following will be used to monitor the progress of Miler Lite:

  • The sales made on a monthly basis
  • Surveys will be carried out on a quarterly basis to determine whether the Miller Lite is gaining popularity. The survey will be in two forms: quick interviews & use of questionnaires. Through the survey the customers will be requested to volunteer views on how Miller can be improved to meet their demands.

The review process will majorly be dependent on the surveys to be carried out on a quarterly basis. Since the surveys will be comprehensively structured, they suggestions made on them will be implemented to gain the customer ground.



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