Free Custom «Intergrated Marketing Communications» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Intergrated Marketing Communications» Essay Paper

In general, almost all advertisements as well as marcom messages are aimed at luring buyers into buying of a particular product. However, the first objective could be informing them of the products existence. Then marketers alter their objectives to increasing sales and reinforcing brand loyalty. Whether increasing product awareness or creating brand loyalty in the market, it is important to include some qualities in your objectives. For example, objectives will not be good enough if they were not measurable. Stating that we want to increase sales is not sufficient until quantified. These objectives should also be realistic. Setting too high or too low objectives is not any different from having no objectives at all. They also need to be consistent with the overall objectives of the organization. This is referred to as internal consistency. Contradictions will bring inefficiency in performance. To avoid this, vague statements cannot be tolerated. These statements need to be clear to perform the required function.

Most advertisements and marcom messages create an expectation in the minds of the buyers. This is the most significant function they perform. It is what drives consumers into buying of the product for the first time. Inducing this trial buying is necessary especially if there exists substitutes in the market. Although some organizations give these products freely to buyers for testing, it is much less costly to create the expectation. Consumers should visualize the benefits before going to the store to make a purchase. If the product lives up to the consumer’s expectations now determines the subsequent purchases. There are numerous advertisements in the periodicals that we read in our daily day lives. Most of them try to create an expectation in our minds.

The Suppele cosmetic injection

This is one of my favorite advertisements. This injection can change an individual’s face and skin to look younger by even up to ten years.  The advertisement demonstrates clearly and colorfully how the product works in a very short time as opposed to applying the regular beauty products. A very dull and old looking picture of an individual before the injection is displayed against the bright and younger looking picture of the same individual after a few weeks since the injection.

It is amusing to see the difference that this product can create. We all look at ourselves in the mirror and imagine looking ten years younger. We imagine a brighter face, absence of the ugly spots, and a smoother one and we find it admirable. We expect to look more beautiful on using this product. This expectation that we have drives us into testing the product. Just to clear any doubts the advertisement states that there are no any side effects. The same advertisement can be dramatized in the local broadcasting televisions by showing how a young woman finds it easy to be served in an office since she is beautiful after using the product. Then all women expect the same if they used the product.

The panadol advertisement

Panadol is one of the most used painkillers all over the world. They are available in the retail shops and therefore a prescription by a doctor is not necessary. The advertisement stresses on the speed of killing pain. The first picture is of a pilot reaching for his tablets. He looks sad and sick due to and headache. The second picture indicates the same pilot relieved and happy just after a few second on taking the painkiller. The message is also clear that this tablet relieves pain in seconds.

The speed with which the pain goes is what buyers visualize in their minds. We imagine have not to stop working due to headaches, toothaches, or any other pain. A football player is also another example, which can demonstrate the speed and create the expectation of faster relief from pain. However, the product should work as advertised if the buyer is to use it after the trial. Most advertisements just mislead us and therefore the products do not meet the created expectations.



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