Free Essay Sample «In Store Environment»

Free Essay Sample «In Store Environment»

There are many companies providing nightclub services to people. These nightclubs are decorated according to the people they intend to attract in their premises. Thus, we have upper class nightclubs, middle class, and lower class nightclubs. A person can easily distinguish the ambience provided by these nightclubs. This case study provides the in store differences between two of the most prominent nightclub companies. These are the Haze Nightclub, which is located in Las Vegas and Dream Girls Night Club located in Minneapolis. The two clubs differ hugely in terms of their physical location and internal organizations. The Haze has oversized hanging props that lead the guests to a mezzanine level; thus, allowing them to be able to enjoy the action beneath while the Dream Girls Nightclub is just discernible with a corridor that leads to the main club. Notably, both clubs can take several measures to improve their physical areas to appeal to their customer, and this involves acquiring of new styles or designs.

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The Haze reflects the guest it intends to host just at the entrance as it has props, which are hanging. The guests are drawn to a grand staircase, which leads them to a mezzanine for them to have a bird’s eye view of what is taking place beneath. Notably, the clu covers 25,500 square-feet, and this is appealing to its guests. The club has 100 square feet projection screens for entertaining the customers, and its walls are covered with suede. On the other hand, the Dream Girls Night Club does not compare to the ambience provided by the Haze. It has a casual entryway where the customers walk in, and the entryway is filled with people trying to dish out the Dream Girl’s business cards in exchange for some money. The interior does not have a lot of décor, as it depicts painted walls with graffiti save for some areas that are tiled.

The Haze’s entrance functions well to attract its target customers because of the ambience it provides, which lacks mobs shouting for some change, and the hanging props that add to its beauty. The central staircase also contributes to its attraction of the target customers because it reflects lifestyle. The Dream Girl Nightclub fails somewhat in its reception picture because of the mobs that a person encounters outside its premise. In addition, it has a discernible entryway that has no significant attraction to its target customers. In addition, the interior is not spacious as such. The entryway also lacks seats for a person to wait on in case there is a queue waiting to pay the entry fee.

The Haze can include flowerpots with charming flowers in its entry and a sign indicating the direction a person needs to follow if considering going to the mezzanine or the ground floor. Desgrippes, Hellman, and Gobé (2007) indicate that this will appeal to new customers that have not toured the place before. In addition, the Haze should consider adding more seats for customers that are want to wait for their affiliates at the lounge. Dream Girls Nightclub needs a complete restructure of its entrance. It is essential that they get rid of the mobs waiting outside its premises as it sends a dreadful picture. In addition, Desgrippes, Hellman, and Gobé (2007) recommend that they should consider placing chairs that are more attractive in the entryway to serve customers in long queues. The interior also needs more space considering the crowd that visits the place.

In conclusion, in store environment is an essential factor in attracting customers. That explains the Haze’s decision to place a stairway that guides its customers to the mezzanine. Notably, excellent and comfortable chairs with appealing paintings are appropriate for the in store environments of nightclubs. Thus, The Dream Girl Nightclub requires to do away with the crowd at its entrance, which disgusts customers.


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