Free Custom «Impacts of Social Media on Music Marketing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Impacts of Social Media on Music Marketing» Essay Paper

The Australian government, through the Australian music office, gives special assistance to its musicians in relation to external music marketing. Embracing of technology is the major factor to the success in the music industry in Australia. In order to reach or access a wider market, marketing of music products and merchandise has incorporated internet technology. One of the biggest Australia’s music showcases, ‘The Aussie BBQ Tour 2011’, is obtainable online through various internet websites and can be downloaded using customer software applications. In the Australian music office, various links to musicians’ videos and other products are also available. Additionally, local media stations assist in marketing musicians’ products e.g. the Big Pond Music channel. This paper therefore seeks to explore and analyse how the musicians use social media for marketing their music.

Social media takes several different forms namely: weblogs, social blogs, video, internet forums and photographs among others. Musicians have used social networking sites to pull and direct internet users to their own websites. In this case, the musician creates a fan page, which he/she uses to inculcate close interactive dialogue and communication with his or her fans. Some musicians who use MySpace, for example, create a fan page with its URL. The fan page enables the musician to upload videos and post several songs, which can be accessed by their fans (Amedeo & Florida University, 2009, P. 22).

Musicians also utilize music stores in social networks to sell a wide range of their products. In MySpace music store, for example, musicians are able to sell tickets for concerts and products via a channel that enjoys frequent visitation (Amedeo & Florida University 2009). Some musicians also use internet interactive forums to market their music and other products to their fans. The internet forum or message board facilitates communication between the musicians and their fans through an online discussion site where messages are posted on a message board (Hull, Hutchison & Strasser, 2010, P. 45). Social networks like Face book and Skype offer this feature.

Some musicians also use online video marketing in order to gain fame and recognition because many individuals find their music over the internet. These musicians market their products by adding them to social networking sites e.g. YouTube and Skype. Online Video marketing gets facilitation from the availability of software on the internet and the ability to download software programs (Boone and Kurtz 2011, p. 36).

Some musicians have also explored the use of weblogs to market their music. Weblog in this case is just but a type of website that gets maintenance from an individual and offers a medium of communication with other individuals. Weblogs have enabled musicians to enter and share comments about their music, describe their upcoming events and concerts to their fans, and post other graphical and video materials. Weblogs are public in nature and maintained by many musicians to close the gap between them and their fans (Rae, 2008, p. 45).

It is also worthwhile to note that some musicians use podcast as their online marketing strategy while connecting to social network sites. A podcast is a series of audio or video files that are digital in nature and released incidentally in sequence of happenings and downloaded through the web. These files get maintenance centrally as a web feed and the listener or viewer therefore uses a pod-catcher to gain access to the web feed and download new updates (Hall, 2008, p. 67).

In conclusion, there are those musicians who utilize wikis to market their music products and other merchandise. Through a wiki, fans are able to interact with the musician through a system of interlinked web pages. A wiki in this case, is a website, which permits the formation and editing of interlinked web pages through a browser. Different persons subject to editing restrictions determined by the musicians can access this website. Some musicians, to the contrary, do not enforce editing restrictions (Miletsky, 2009, p.29).



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