Free Custom «Hawaiian Punch» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hawaiian Punch» Essay Paper

Executive summary

Hawaiian Punch is the brand of juice that was initiated first in 1934. The brands sold out in seven different flavors initially. The initial company was Pacific Citrus Company where it marketed the products as pacific Hawaiian Product Company. The products have since developed to a famous national brand dominating the American market.  To begin with, the company started after an ice-cream flavor being tested gave birth to Hawaiian Punch. The product then developed from the inferior market to a superior dominance. Throughout the period of existence, its change of ownership, did not affect the product, its fame and uniqueness.

Basically there were some considerations that were made by the subsequent owners to maintain the products standard and its market share throughout the period. Innovation was the major driver for the product in maintaining its market share and expanding to be among the most famous brand of punch juice in the country. After successfully branding, the company concentrated in developing new brands, customer service and innovation on packaging and complying with the standardization requirements(Hartline, 2008).

For instance in its operation the company have innovated over fourteen products on its brand name targeting different ages and interest groups. The latest marketing strategy of the company shifted to young children of thirteen years old since they are not associated with any brand. The young market has become the target market since the older generations have committed themselves to some specific brands compared to the young ones. The profits of the company have been positive even under some low moments, it haven’t fallen due to economic recess or any external factor.

Despite all the economic in eventualities, the competitors have not been able to pose serious challenge to the company. Because of the reason for the strength of sustaining the challenge, the company engaged in long term customer market therefore making it hard for its competitors to penetrate through their market share. Nevertheless the business doesn’t miss a risk. For instance the company marketing strategy may irritate the already existing marketing for example frequent adverts and problems may cause some customers to opt for other brands. The focus of the company should aim at reaching a well calculated business deal that could be of great importance in spreading its wings beyond the country.  

For over sixty years, Hawaiian Punch remains the favorite drink for most of the Americans. The strength of sailing through the entire competitive environment has been dependent on the customer market and preferences. Basically the Hawaiian Punch is specified by seven different brands representing various fruits such as pineapple, guava, and pineapple among others. The since its conception, the company have been swapping names and owners but the brands remained but with some technological improvement. The brands enjoy national recognition as a universal brand therefore marking it a bit advantaged from the other brands


 Hawaiian Punch is a famous across the United States but the brand faces a serious challenge from both the companies producing the same products and companies providing the alternative to the fruit punch. Kool-Aid is the major competitor; they sell almost the same products. It is only the company and branding that differs among the two brands but their mode of advertisement is almost the same. Hawaiian Punch uses some cartoons in advertisement; they aim at attracting the attention of the children because the same advert also has young children in a happy mood. Similarly to the competitor; Kool-Aid, it owns a website similar to that of Hawaiian Punch. Though the brands of Hawaiian Punch are superior, their competitors pose threat to their market dominance. Various considerations such as countering the competitors are some of techniques that the company employs to tackle the threats caused by the competitors.


Though the target customers of the products is the whole population, the company have specialized on the young customers who will intern get used to the product. The market share currently is large but the aim is recruiting new customers to the non alcoholic drinks and maintaining the already existing customers. The company has several strategies to improve its customer prevalence such as inventing new products to customers and services to the customers. The company provides professional assistance to its customers through various recipes in its website but the bottom line is the quality of services and products that have kept the customers.

The company has invented several measures to cater for its customers that include customer care. Provision of online services those advice customers about the products that the companies offer in the wider perspective. Generally the company involves itself with activities that enables new customers get attracted to the product and satisfy perennial customers. The critical steps that the company took on new products were fuelled by new preference brought by the new customers; the new product many new entry customers whose buying power still lie in the parents. Basically they are

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Market conditions

The prevailing conditions in the market for the products of Hawaiian Punch have been dependant on customers experience and the competitors. Though the competitors are present, the company still has some of dominance over the other factions. The market though is uncertain over the arrival of new market payers. The older age market looks a bit contended with the products they are used to compare to the younger generation whereby they are trying to get their correct preference. The market mix is therefore applied to evaluate the situation of the company’s share and their probably dominance of the market (Hartline, 2008).  


The company has been through irresistible changes in technology, basically technology changed from the industrial setup to the product development. From the manual packaging and to electronic packaging but the biggest achievement the company got is the new design of an advert that targeted young children of around thirteen years. The formulas of making the juice have since changed as the new health standards but the company advanced in using the new standard to reduce its operational costs. The subsequent success by the company in implementing its technological advancement have made them to stand out in a better position to outshine its competitors due to its reduced operation cost 


  • The company should concentrate much on development of new markets because restricting itself a single market could derail business or even bring down the business since the market is uncertain. Operating in new market would shield from company from perennial competitors    
  • The 2005 court ruling against the Hawaiian Punch was a big setback but the interest of the company and its name should be protected to avoid customer loss. It is important for the company to comply with ruling as soon as possible. It might have not been friendly but the effect might be heard through customer loss and drop in profits. Since the company suffered from a court case in 2005, the customer network needs a clarified information about the court ruling that will then help in making the  customers to understand concerns. Basically the customers need to be told the progress undertaken and the compliance that the company has adhered to.



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