Free Essay Sample «Greenwashing»

Free Essay Sample «Greenwashing»

“Greenwashing” is a term that refers to the use of delusive or deceptive information in regard to green marketing by organizations, to induce users to buy the organizations’ products or services on the discernment that the organization is environmentally friendly. Greenwashing consists of the disingenuous use of green marketing to endorse a false perception that the company products or policies are environmentally safe (Stern & Ander, 2008).

In the recent past, Greenwashing has been on the rise primarily because of the growing need for green merchandises. Because of the ever-growing concerns about climate change, shoppers are progressively buying from economically accountable sellers (Stern & Ander, 2008). Consequently, companies that try to survive the demand have two options—produce the environmentally friendly products that consumers need, or fake them. Doing the latter constitutes greenwashing.

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There are several products that boldly calm an environmental feature, which can make buyers to misguidedly believe that that product is the only in its category to have the perceived status. For instance, a cleaning product producer may display an authentication label verifying that its products are produced in a factory operating on renewable energy, which is acceptably a good environmental boast. The same producer ignores a point of reminding the consumers about the possible environmental or human endangerments of the cleaning product itself. Because the consumer could have been misled to trust that the product is safer, he or she uses it and endangers his or her life unknowingly.

With the advance of technology, greenwashing is being affected. Various product authentication websites and peer-reviewed technologies on manufacturers’ websites help in empowering the consumer. With just a click of a mouse, consumers differentiate products that are truly “green” from the ones that are not. Technology has made people be aware that not every green manufacturer is green.


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