Free Custom «Designers Creativity vs. Marketing » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Designers Creativity vs. Marketing » Essay Paper

Teri Agnis perception in her book ‘The End of Fashion’ is right because, before the close of the twentieth century the fashion shows became more than just fashion houses as they proved to be solid grounds for heated marketing. The media played a bigger role than before when covering the proceedings of the shows as well as ensuring that even the observers dressed the part. It took equivocal places in the annual social calendar as the participants were not wiling to loose glimpses on the latest fashions trends.

The events were televised all year round prior to the event such that everyone was made aware of the happenings (Hethorn, & Ulasewicz, 2008) hence justifying Teri Agnis’ statement, “Today, a designer’s creativity expresses itself more than ever in the marketing rather than in the actual clothes…the focus has shifted away from designing, and if you have enough money and are good at marketing, you can create a strong brand”

Marketing is about clearly defining your unique identity and strengthening it with authentic integrity to build a strong image (Kotler, et al. 2010), this means, the designer’s creativity will end up being a mission in futility without marketing. Out of the many forms of advertising, celebrity advertisement has won the day when it comes to creating awareness on the latest fashion designer’s creativity.

The fashion industry cannot simply create clothes in larger quantities, nor can they assume that consumer simply will buy a line of clothes because they are in the right size for them. Awareness is paramount. Take for example a 90 minute soccer match with Christiano Ronaldo wearing a Nike wrist band after the match almost all funs who idolize him will go to the stores and acquire the band.

With this tend in fashion, it has become evident that fashion remains the largest sectors of world trade that is truly competitive, gone are the days when the designer had to carry out preliminary tests on the design of the fabric before implementing the success of the design (Hall-Araujo, 2010) which ended up dictating the trend of fashion in a given culture or social status nowadays, designers take their cues from mainstream consumers and creativity is channeled more into mass-marketing clothes than into designing them. The designer’s creativity has to consider certain factors such as sense of belonging in addition to ethnicity for various fashion styles so as to capture the attention of the consumer.

Fashion has also influenced technology through indulging themselves in digital world so as to make convenient preparations for their outfits. In order to achieve this attention, designers have opted to incorporate media, fashion magazines and fashion shows into the fashion industry in order to carry out collective marketing of their designs so as to ensure the presence of a product in an industry in the market is beneficial to the consumer.

With these in mind, International fashion designers should realize that for fashion to sell, and businesses to grow, designs have to move down several market segments, evolving as it moves down, but appreciating the fact that design concept/signature should be maintained and preserved. Remember, every fashion design is a potential product. With any new product, it must be tested, approved, and then marketed (Hethorn, & Ulasewicz, 2008). For example the concept of bringing back used jeans into the market. Their concept had a Midas touch. During the early 1990s, the concept managed to sell thousands upon thousands of beat up jeans (“unfinished”) to an appreciative public. Quite clearly, marketing become the winning formula behind the scenes. From the design table to the consumer, fashion marketers managed to create unbelievable demand for a pretty basic product.

In conclusion, the designers creativity with today’s flooded market can not succeed single handedly it has to work hand in hand with awareness, that is marketing!



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