Free Essay Sample «Deception, Insincerity and Manipulation»

Free Essay Sample «Deception, Insincerity and Manipulation»

Many advertisements are not trusted by viewers, readers, communication researchers as well as linguistics. The reason behind this perception is not mere lying. Many of the advertisements which are usually available contain many indications of deceptive. Because of the deceptive impression many views tend to look for things which are beyond the mere advertisement. Many people do not respect advertising because they view it as a subversive force. It is viewed as a moral pollution which is practiced by intellectuals. Advertisements basically specialize on manipulation, insincerity as well as usage of abusive language. Through advertisement the faith of people in themselves and their nation is undermined (1). Marketing has experienced a lot of criticism because many believe that it is used by companies through marketers to create partial truths about the services and products being sold with the intention of exploiting the weaknesses and fears of people.

Marketing ethics is the only branch which allows conduction of businesses which seek to put a lot of emphasizes on individual deficiency and gaps in order to persuade them acquire something which they hand not planned for. They basically emphasize on individual gap between personal expectation and reality in order for unnecessary spending to occur. Despite the fact that critical analysis and understanding of the client is essential for provision of quality services marketing has also been faked and manipulated in order to attract many people. Marketers are not usually honest because the things they say about their products through advertisement are not usually a hundred percent true. Marketers and sellers often use dishonesty in order to lure people into buying their products massively. For these reason advertisements are usually made with the objective of meeting the needs of clients through numerous differentiated methodologies with varied value propositions.

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In marketing the common notion which is employed is the one that justifies the means through the end results and therefore business organization are usually accountable to the true owners of the business. Since marketing basically focuses on persuasion of people in order for products to be sold there is a lot of biasness which is made manifest during the marketing process. The biasness is mostly in favor of the services and products being sold and as a result many unethical practices are usually done. For instance insincerity about the product and deception is usually used as a way of persuasion since the end is very crucial than the means. Deceptive advertising is basically unlabeled advertising and there are numerous laws which have been enacted to deal with the issue. Deceptive advertisement is considered as unethical challenge because it results to deceiving and misguiding of consumers leading to inappropriate and misinformed selections of products.

The increased usage of visual media for marketing has created many challenges in marketing as far as ethics is concerned. It is very difficult to bring ethics into such marketing though there is nothing important as communication of human image in marketed goods and services. Through indirect marketing most times advertisements are done in a hidden way and this is unethical. Businesses always look for strategies to expand their market share as well as there profit margins and because of these ambitions they always manipulate people for their own benefits. At times people are made to buy things which are not what they were explained about and this is unethical (2). Products are manipulated in order to increase there sell and all this is disadvantageous to the client. Flattery is very common in marketing and as a result customers are tricked into buying products of poor quality or things that they have no use for and all this is ethical marketing challenge.


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