Free Custom «De Kliek Style Company Ltd» Essay Paper

Free Custom «De Kliek Style Company Ltd» Essay Paper

Executive Summary

This four-year marketing plan for De Kliek Style Company has been generated by the company’s two founders to acquire added financial support for expansion and to update company’s employees of the present standing and bearing.  It is the basis on which the launching of a fresh product by the De Kliek Style Company will be on. The breakdown in this plan affords us the chance to sketch out the finest strategies to implement in order to attain of the company’s premeditated aims, objective and goals. “De Kliek” will be marketed as distinctive practical jeans pants while endeavouring to strengthen the De Kliek Style Company’s status as the leader in innovation and triumphant introduction of product.

Even though De Kliek Style was launched just four years ago, the Company has seen a greater-than-expected market demand for its apparel products. According to our market research, the target market made up young fun-loving consumers and apparel retailers would want to purchase additional casual clothing than De Kliek Style at present presents.  The consumers would like that De Kliek Style to extend their existing product line and add fresh product lines. Further, De Kliek Style plans to consider the prospects for online cloth sales.  The consumers have been exceptionally receptive of the company’s premium cloth products: casual and sporty clothes in stylish colors with logos and catchphrases that mirror the concerns of outdoor fanatics around the United States. Over the next four year, De Kliek Style will amplify its circulation, present fresh products, and attract new consumers. This plan will sketch how De Kliek Style plans to launch fresh and innovative products, spread out its supply channel, penetrate fresh markets, and give back to the society.

Business Background

De Kliek Style Company Ltd was established four years ago by entrepreneurs Russell James and McDonald Peters and is based in San Diego, California. Mr. James is a holder of an undergraduate degree in marketing and a BA in fashion merchandising. He boasts five years of experience in the retail clothes business prior to the conception of De Kliek Style.  Peters on the other hand run a voyage business called Explore world, which plans group voyages to locations in Africa and South America and later sold the venture to his partner. He holds a BA degree in finance. James and Peters, college hood friends, joined hands, set up, and marketed the clothesline company with a distinctive, yet universal, appeal to outdoor fanatics.

De Kliek Style reproduces Peter’s zeal for the outdoors while also reflecting James’ love for the clothesline industry.  De Kliek Style unique caps, cotton T-shirts, , and khaki jackets and pants and vests are fitted with logos that represent diverse outdoor activities like bicycling, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, surfing and skating.  However, all clothing items bear the company’s catchphrase:  “Explore the world.” De Kliek Style markets to sell garments for men as well as women, in the “hottest” colours and the “coolest” designs.

De Kliek Style wear is at present stocked by retail outlets that focus in outdoor attire and gear.  Most of these retail outlets are mostly based in California, the Northwest, and a few states in the South.  The superior quality, fashionable colours, and distinctive message of the De Kliek Style wear have stirred a keen enthusiasm among consumers between the 25 and 45 age bracket.  Sales have multiplied three times over the previous year alone, and De Kliek Style is now seeking to swell its production capacity.

The company is also devoted to philanthropic activities by giving to local environmental conservation programs.  Eventually, the company is interested in developing its own conservation programs. 

De kliek style’s mission and goals

Our mission is to be the number one maker and marketer of custom-made, casual outfits for consumers who are enthusiastic about the outdoors.  The company aspires to motivate people to explore the outdoors more regularly and have fun with relatives, associates and friends in the process. Additionally De Kliek Style aims to devise programs for conserving the environment.

For the duration of the next four-year period, De Kliek Style sets out to attain the following fiscal and non-fiscal goals:

Fiscal Goals

  1. Acquire funding to increase production potential, augment supply, and establish the new product line.
  2. Amplify returns by at least 50% annually.
  3. Contribute at least $30,000 towards environmental conservation annually.

Nonfinancial goals

  1. Launch the fresh product line, which has personalized logo garments.
  2. Penetrate fresh markets, which include Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern states.
  3. Build up an Internet site and retain the strong association with its retailers.
  4. Build up the company’s own conservation program intended at aiding society to raise cash to procure open land.

Organisational Structure

As a medium sized company, De Kliek Style has a relatively small number of personnel. The two co-owners who are the founder members assume management functions in the company and are in charge of day-to-day running. They manage marketing, procure merchandise and manage register and additional executive roles.

McDonald Peters is in charge of daily management and the daily operations that include the management of Marketing staff and managing the inventory alongside bookkeeping. Russell James oversees the merchandise procurement for the store and ensures to keep a devoted consciousness of trends in the fashion industry. James works with the communications and public relations departments to make sure advanced marketing strategies are drawn and executed.

The staffs assists with designing (subject to approval by the management) and manufacturing of garments finding and closing sales deals, supporting customers and the safeguarding of supply on the floor. The staffs include sales people, clothes designers, tailors and sales people. Sales people are remunerated on commission basis plus a retainer salary while the tailors who implement our designs are paid on hourly basis and commission. The designers are paid a commission depending on whether their designs are approved. They are also paid loyalties. Bonuses are offered yearly after performance evaluation to retain the employees.


“De Kliek” will be positioned as relaxed fit jeans for men and women. The jeans pants for men will be designed to have tapering legs and a relaxed backside and thigh. The leg aperture is 15.5" and the pants fit a little under the waist. The designs could be custom made to customer’s preferences.  The women's “De Kliek” fit Straight Leg Jeans are tailored to fit the individual customer natural waist and has a relaxed hip and thigh. Both the men and women jeans are offered in blue, black, light or dark Stonewash and petite, medium and lengthy.

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The strategic role of “De Kliek” jeans for De Kliek Style Company is based on three aims:

  1. i. To stay as the market leader in original clothes introductions and triumphant launch of product;
  2. ii. To reinforce and gratify the desires of the outdoor loving Generation Y consumers with an original attractive FUNctional outfits;
  3. iii. To increase the market share in the apparel industry.

SWOT Analysis

De Kliek endeavours to utilize its central competencies to realize a competitive advantage. De Kliek will endeavour to make sure that competitors are not able to offer the similar value to consumers. The company brand has already developed central competencies in:

  1.  i. Producing quality, branded garments that are easily identifiable by consumers
  2.  ii. Constructing a feeling of community among consumers who buy the products
  3. iii.  Finally, cementing a legacy amongst retailers to view the company as dependable by delivering the ordered products on schedule. 

The firm plans to develop these competencies by marketing campaigns that raises the amount of units accessible and the distribution channels.

The marketing background for De Kliek Style represents vast opportunities.  It as well includes a number of challenges that the company deems to be able to deal with effectively. 


  1. The company has set up distribution channels in a number of markets and it has found fast recognition.
  2. The owners may lose focus on the potential scope of their business.
  3. A limited number of possible consumers know about De Kliek Style and its brands.
  4. The company has limited cash flow.
  5. De Kliek Style faithful customers are likely to purchase the new product.
  6. Gaps still exist in the market where De Kliek Style can supply fresh customized clothes.
  7. The company stands a chance of growing across the US and into new markets.
  8. The firm can reach out to its customers through the internet.   
  9. There is always the risk of consumers tiring of the product and so the company must remain fresh.
  10. Clothing sales have stagnated in the country for a few years now.
  11. The retailers might strain the relationship should they realize that they face competition from the De Kliek Style website.




Industry Analysis

The clothing industry is one of those more and more recognizable but mystifying segments of manufacture in the contemporary world (Caves, 2000; Scott, 2000).  California is on top of all American states in apparel production. Its yearly garments production generates more than 13 billion dollars. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the two major manufacturing centres in California. New York and Texas follow California at second and third position respectively in the United States’ clothing industry. The garments industry of California has been the subject of examination over the past twenty years with scholars (Bonacich and Appelbaum 2000 and Kessler, 2002) taking the lead.

According to the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation The casual clothesline and outdoor gear industry generates approximately $5 billion worth of sales each year (2000). This market has several entries including Bass Pro Shops, L.L. Bean, Timberland, Patagonia, and REI among others.  Lesser competitors like Title IX, offer sporty wear for women, and Ragged Mountain offering fleece outfits for skiers and hikers hold some market share.  The projection for the industry broadly, and De Kliek Style particularly, is encouraging for a number of reasons.  The consumers are increasingly taking part in leisure activities and that they are seeking for ways to have fun alongside family and friends in an affordable manner. The consumers are gaining additional belief in the economy and they are able to use more money.

None of the listed firms provides the fashionable and still practical products offered by De Kliek Style.  Additionally, majority of these firms offer sports wears in high-tech artificial fabric.   De Kliek Style clothing is made of the utmost quality cotton.  Finally, De Kliek Style sells its products in affordable prices, making them accessible in bulks. 

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Additionally, as the drift toward health-conscious activities and fears regarding the environment go on, consumers increasingly recount to the De Kliek Style philosophy as well as its contributions to community programs.

PESTLE Analysis

The apparel manufacturing and selling industry in the United States is affected or influenced by several factors.

Political and legal factors directly affect the way companies run The United States of America government is based on democracy. The market is capitalist and a free market and as such, corporations make most of the microeconomic verdicts while the government assumes a minimal function in the domestic economy. This means there are not many regulations for companies in the U.S. Employee rights in the U.S. have significant impacts on the apparel industry. This is because the industry is labour-intensive. Considerations in this regards include over time, minimum wage, benefits and health and safety laws. Given that the clothing business is labour-intensive, the industry is exposed to competition from oversees in nations where employees collect low income.

Economic and Trade sectors

Every business is influenced by economical factors. A good economy is an indication of positive outcomes for businesses and customers, and a feeble economy shows the reverse. For the clothing business in the United States, the outlook is not very good.  Wage employment in the industry is likely to fall through 2012. This fall can be explained by a rise in imports, new technology, and cost reducing due to worldwide competition. Even as the real GDP increases, the significance added by the clothing to the GDP fell from 25.1 billion in 2000 to 18.9 billion in 2004. The spending of consumers on clothing is also going down even as the consumer spending rise due to inflation.

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Social Analysis

Comprehending basic information about a population may aid a firm to establish whether its products will appeal to target customers and the number of possible customers for this product. The population has been rising in the U.S. since 1990. Young people make up to approximately 60 percent of the total population. The health of people in general has been deteriorating due to poor lifestyles. Many Americans sport plus-size garments, and the kids plus-size clothes market is rising.

Target Market

The target market for De Kliek jeans is the active Americans between the 25 and 45 year range who love the outdoors with activities such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, surfing, skating, horse riding, skiing, kayaking etc. They need not be expert but just enthusiasts. This demographic group is educated and successful; single or married and with families.  It is comprised of people who are seeking value for their money despite having comfortable incomes. They are covertly status oriented.

Marketing Mix

This is the outline of the details of the planned marketing mix for De Kliek’s new product.

Product Strategy

De Kliek at present sells a line of high-quality outdoor wear, which include cotton T-shirts, jackets and baseball caps. All are fitted with the company logo and catchphrase. The company uses popular colours for its items and given them names that consumers like e.g. cactus green, desert rise, among others.  The company will develop the product line to include customized jeans pants for both men and women.  Consumers can choose their preferred logo and match it with a catchphrase to match the logo.

Distribution Strategy 

At present, De Kliek style products are distributed through regional and local sports goods and clothing retailers. These shops are spread along the Californian coast, in the South, Northwest and the northern New England.  De Kliek style products have not yet been distributed through countrywide sports goods and clothing retailers.  De Kliek style seeks to swell its distribution channels to include countrywide sports goods and clothing retailers over the next four years. The distribution chain will also be expanded to include online sales by offering the custom-made product line only through the Internet. The company will wholly supervise and uphold a good strong relationship with the distribution channel members.

Promotional Strategy

De Kliek style corresponds with customers and retailers about its products in many ways.  Information concerning the company and its products is accessible through direct mailings, the Internet, and in person. The promotion of the company’s products is geared towards distinguishing them from those of the competitors.

The company utilizes personal contact with retailers to set up the products in their shops. This aids in transmitting the company’s message, show the products’ distinctive qualities, and maintain relationships.  The company sales representatives visit stores several times annually and offer product training to new retailers and a refresher for others who wish to have it. 

Sales promotions and public relations at present constitute the bulk of De Kliek style promotional approach. The company’s staffs liaise with retailers to present short-term sales promotions jointly with event and challenges. The company markets it’s self through its input to environmental programs and hence good public relations has ensued.Over the following year, De Kliek style intends to employ in the following marketing methods:

  1. Create a De Kliek Tour, in which the sales team take turns touring the country campsites to hand out promotional merchandise and discount coupons.
  2. Attend outdoor events to hand out water, stickers, and discount coupons for De Kliek style products.
  3. Organize De Kliek style hikes starting from the company’s retailers.
  4. Hold a De Kliek style design challenge and the winning catchphrase and emblem to be incorporated into the personalized line.


Pricing Strategy

De Kliek style products prices are set with the opposition in mind.  The company does not set high prices to hint at prestige, nor does it attempt to seek to compensate the effects of low prices by increasing the sale of products.  The value of the company product is set such that consumers are at ease buying new garments to replace the old. The pricing scheme makes De Kliek style products good gifts. The personalized garments will retail at $3 to $5 more than the standard De Kliek style logo wear. 

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The breakdown in this plan will give the company the chance to sketch out the finest strategies to implement in order to attain of the company’s premeditated aims, objective and goals. “De Kliek” will be marketed as distinctive practical jeans pants while endeavouring to strengthen the De Kliek Style Company’s status as the leader in innovation and triumphant introduction of product.

Based on this analysis, De Kliek seems like an innovative clothesline product with a bright future concerning market share, presence and subdivision expansion prospects. Upon the execution of this marketing plan, the Company will expand its market shares, assert its position as a market leader in the apparel industry, and still keep its image as an innovative and successful market player.



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