Free Custom «Customer Relations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Customer Relations» Essay Paper

The importance of companies giving priority to their customers not crediting and focusing on competitors is fundamental. With the high competition for beverage high, it is important that market players keep a focused attention to their market share by practicing high quality and strategic customer relationship establishment and sustenance. Coca cola ahs one that for decades and hence the success it enjoys as one of the Worlds multinational companies. Pepsi has been unable to reach those high standards or even replicate the level of success attained by Coca cola.

By focusing on Coca cola, Pepsi could have lost its footing. Brand wars and quality of beverages plus the introduction of trendy brands could have forced Pepsi to put its foot off the gear. Whereas the expectation was that the customer base and potential customers would dictate the strategies; from production, operations, marketing and business expansion prospects Pepsi could have been swayed away by the practices of Coca cola. Narrowing this to lack of focus and clear cut strategy for expansion, Pepsi could stand to lose from the gains it could achieve from maintaining exquisite customer relations.

When entering into the the market, Coca cola was already a monopoly. Pepsi had an enormous task of snatching customers from an already decided customer base. This would need precision in strategy. Upon realizing how mush Coca cola had to offer for the customers, Pepsi feared it could be easily phased out and swallowed by the mammoth Coca cola. Introduction of new and well researched drinks approved by health campaigners was a strong pill for Pepsi, still struggling to make ends meet. Such changes could prompt changes in the market. But they ought to inform customer relation practices within the company and ensure they remain sensitive to the crucial role of customer relations. The customer relation practices should be equally transformed to fit in to the systems in case a company does change.



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