Free Custom «Creating Desire » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Creating Desire     » Essay Paper

Marketing is not successful without creation of desire. Desire is the force behind all the made purchases. It’s therefore important for the market to successful sow the seed of desire in the prospective customer. Successful creation of desire paves way for the final marketing stage which is selling. Consistent success need developed selling strategies and effective methods of creating desire. Proper understanding of the product under sale simplifies desire creation. It’s important for the seller to learn to identify prospective buyers because most of the time a lot of time is wasted on people who are not prospective buyers (1). A marketer is supposed to have questions which can help him determine the prospective clients because there is a lot of discouragement that comes when you realize the person you spent a lot of time on is not a respective buyer. A desire to buy a product usually develops when the seller uses the things or words which motivates the buyer.

For effective marketing it is important for marketers to know the ethical standards as well as the acceptable business behavior. This knowledge is gained when marketers realize the view points of the society, the company and the industry in question. Ethical conflicts usually arise because of the different wants and needs of the above distinctive groups. These conflicts usually occur in two different ways for instance in case the needs of the three groups greatly varies. Besides that conflicting values between the organization and an individual may birth ethical issues. In the two separate cases the possible result is usually a conflicting interest. Marketing professionals are often faced with one of the three ethical dilemmas which belong to three groups. These categories include green marketing, consumer privacy and tobacco and alcohol promotion. This is the reason why there are ethical marketing guiding principles which are meant to guide the sellers in order for them to engage in acceptable practices.

In the process of creating a desire with the prospective buyer it’s always important for the marketer to follow the ethical marketing guidelines in order to avoid confusion and violation of the rights of the prospective buyer. The buyer is entitled to a number of powers which must be respected by the seller. For instance the prospective buyer needs to be told adequate information, besides that whatever they are told should tally with the sold product. Therefore the seller should not violate these powers in the name of creating the desire. At the same time the client has a right to buy a given product or not therefore the marketer should have detailed information about the product on sale in order to avoid giving wrong information.

Advertising greatly influences the society. The society is influenced positively and negatively through advertisements. Despite the fact that advertisement is guided by a set of values its effects are a times very detrimental to the general society. For this reason advertisement which is usually guided by responsive and moral norms lead to human development because things a done with some restraints (2). Advertising done over the media is very powerful and as a result behavior and attitudes of people are shaped powerful through it. Despite the fact that the world has transformed into a global village there are some important ethical issues which have risen because of advertisement. For instance advertisers need to remember the cultural, local and national sensitivities. For example in pursuit of larger consumer base marketers advertisers have entered new markets without considering the social and ethical mind of the specific areas. Therefore it is important for the marketers to ensure that the moral values and etiquettes of the specific area in not destroyed in pursuit of great success. Besides that the values and privacy of people have been tempered with because of the advanced technology being used in marketing.



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