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Consumer Rights

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The strongest and most reliable relationship between any business and the consumer is based on how the expectations are continually been met. Given that goods and services are offered at different standards by different providers, there is need for consumers to have expectations and rights as they do their shopping. In order for business to satisfy the consumer expectations, they are bound to address and meet these rights. In the market today the rights of consumers vary but generally they also tend to have common features (Dennis, 2003). 

Before buying any commodity one of the basic considerations in the mind of consumer is the price. Price has and will always remain to be a key factor while shopping because it is core element of any business transaction. The only way the consumer can own the product he or she is buying is by accepting and paying the price attached on the product (Dennis, 2003). Every consumer has the right to choose the product he or she can afford. There is no service or good provider who has the right to overcharge consumers whatsoever. It is indeed the right of the consumer to buy the most affordable product.

Different products are packed and delivered at different qualities and quantities. In order for any product to be allowed into the market, then it should bear at least a label indicating the quality and quantity. These two features are the core reason why a consumer will part with his money and hence he has the moral and legal right to get the value of his cash. Every manufacturer should ensure that the written values on the products are reflected on the measure of the contents (Harvey, 2002). At the same breath, consumer has the right to reject or even sue companies not adhering to these requirements. With time the society has been introduced and conformed to these expectations, it is very hard to change them and therefore they should be the standards for business ethics.

Buy custom Consumer Rights essay paper cheap

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