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Consumer Behavior

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According to this article, consumer behavior is express as the decisions that a consumer should consider before purchasing a good. In the first, article “a manager’s guide to human irrationalities” Dan Ariely in his discussion states how decision is the influence by the pricing of the product while in the second article “sequential choice in a group setting” he illustrates the decision made by the customers based on the outcome of their satisfaction.

In the first article; price as a product feature defines the impact of the product for the customer’s life that is the more cheaply an item is the lesser impact it creates and vice versa. In the second article, he presumes that individual goals and group goals especially in a social setting determines the level of satisfaction of their taste with a disparity in price. In the beer study, in article two indicated significantly higher satisfaction with the choice in the Independent condition (M = 7.75) than in the Collective condition that is individuals within a group context balance their individual-alone goals against the constraints introduced by individual-group goals.

On the other hand, when a product dominates in the market the percentage of its consumption though it has a higher rate of satisfaction will be lower than when the market has two products.

According to the study2 in article 2, the satisfaction of an individual in a collective condition also depends on the individual’s location in the choice of sequence. This is shown for individuals making choices within a group contest; try to balance different goals such that they choose an option that was previously selected. In article, one Dan Ariely illustrates how group setting is not helpful in getting people to make a choice in the products.

In addition, from the second article we deduce that individual - group goals constrain choice such that fulfillment of taste satisfaction limited. This prompts individuals to tend toward selections that increase the variety at the group level. Whereas in the first article, too many choices of the product help the consumer to make a good decision. Consumer behavior being a dynamic process; consumers should consider products that yield a high satisfaction and better outcomes.

Buy custom Consumer Behavior essay paper cheap

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