Free Custom «Confidential Memorandum » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Confidential Memorandum » Essay Paper

There have been some new changes in the ongoing research on whether to use facebook as our gateway to reach to the customers. The importance of reaching out to the customers is based on the fact that the product is new in the market and it need to build a large clientele base. The target market being the youth and the adults as well, the market research has developed positive results. Despite the fact that the product is new in the market, we are confident that it will gain popularity quite quickly due to the medium used for advertisement. The information collected over the past month is available in the form of raw data from and can be accessed by any member of the company from our official site.

Research results

The survey conducted on the users indicated that most of the users on facebook take interest in the advertisements as they are looking for new products in the market.  However, they have to consider some factors before they are interested in the advertisements.

The page has to be interesting in terms of words displayed and the images as well as they draw attention.  The number of members who have joined the page as it will increase its popularity. The encouraging factor is that most of the companies who have used the social network to launch new products have mainly gotten positive results as it has been quite beneficial.

Our recommendations

At the growing rate of the network, it is advisable to continue with the plan of marketing the product as most users appreciate the technique applied.  This way one can be able to reach out to the consumers at a personal level and interaction with them is guaranteed.  Considering the fact that most of the consumers might have questions on the new product, the communication is made easier as the feedback is instant.



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