Free Custom «Competitors Profiling» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Competitors Profiling» Essay Paper

Creating a profile of each competition is the best way to keep information. The profile lists the location of the competitor, the weaknesses and strengths. Competitors profiling is basically assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the potential competitors in the same industry. World Health Organization is one of the most famous organizations that have been on the front line to assist people in the society (Brown, 2002). The organization main objective is to improve the health of people globally. This will be achieved through sensitizing people on the best drugs to take and the preventive measures. In the healthcare category, WHO experience a tough competition due to the ever increasing healthcares in the industry. The fact that the company faces a tough competition makes it very important to come up with a competitor’s analysis. This will make the organization to be is the safer side as they will be able to analyze the market and know where to position themselves. One of the competitors in the market is the world vision organization.

The company has the following strengths; The Company having stayed in the market for a longer time, they have gained confidence in the market. They also have a strong brand name and this makes them to outshine the other companies in the market. In most occasions, customer may want to associate with a certain company just because they know the brand and they have confidence with their services. Service is very vital to handle as opposed to products in that, the services are mostly intangible and the only way to convince a customer is how the company relates with the customer. The company has been in the records for good services and this has attracted more customers and retained most of them. The company now new customers are acquired by referrals. The weaknesses that are faced by the organization are that; the company does not have an extensive service. In today’s world, most organizations have gone online.

Most companies give their services online (O’Connor, 2010). The only thing that the company needs to provide is the security to the customers who will want to pay for their services online. Customers need to be protected from fraud cases. Services rendered online saves the company form extra cost it would have acquired while trying to reach the niche customers. World Vision is not distributed effectively. This makes it impossible for the organization to reach to all the customers. The company has a higher price compared to its competitor. This gives the World Vision a competitive advantage in that, the company will be in a position to come out and sell the services to many customers at a lower cost thus achieving the economies of scale. Taking advantage of niche is a better way of acquiring competition. This method allows the company to compete with other bigger companies in the same industry.

As much as world vision targets mostly the developing countries, World Health Organization targets the whole world as their potential customers. From statistics, it has been shown that, World Health Organization performed better in the last financial year. In fact, it was the leading in the healthcare category. The two companies have equally similar facilities and the competition remains stiff due to almost similar services provided. World Vision has over 4000 employees and this makes it possible to give services to majority of their customers. Their road plan is to ensure that people globally have a happy and healthy life. This is achieved through continuous working together with the immediate society to ensure clean environment and building of infrastructures that will enhance health. Some of these infrastructures include toilets; housings and water catmints area are maintained.

The company is offering various new products. The new products are meant to maintain the customer with different taste in the society. For instance, the company has produced medicine tablets and syrup for those who do not prefer the tablet to pass through their throat (O’Connor, 2010). There is a seal on every product they produce. This is just to ensure quality of their products. This also prevents their customer from buying counterfeit products in the market. This being a sensitive industry, it is the responsibility of the organization to protect their customers from purchasing counterfeit products in the market. This can only be achieved by placing a signature or a seal on every product that is produced in the company. The customers should also be enlightened and told so as they know the importance of looking out for the seal. Marketing has also been well strategized in the company and in fact, most of the services rendered by the company are known to the public. This implies that the company has done proper marketing on their products and their services.

This is a challenge to other competitors as they will have to market their products to achieve more sells in the market (McGonagle, 1999). The companies in this industry need not to market more on the products but on the services rendered. This is because, while they will be giving the services to their customers, they can easily sell their products and hence improve their total sale. There are however binding policies in the industry that limits the companies in this industry from employing unqualified staffs. This is found under the consumer Act in the constitution. Consumers have a right to be protected from illegal activities and they also have a right to getting good services especially where health is in question.



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