Free Custom «Competitive Analysis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Competitive Analysis» Essay Paper

The more you use your Solcharg the less carbon dioxide you release into the environment. From the day you get yours, you will produce your own electricity from the sun without any cost. Solcharg is a new phone charger I have come up with that uses solar energy to charge a phone. Solcharg is fitted with a solar panel for charging on its rear cover. Solcharg is compatible with any cell phone apart from iPhones. Solcharge is an intelligent charger in that it stops charging when the battery is full hence eliminating the threat of overcharging. This product is not the first of its kind in the market.

The Solio Company has one such charger, The Solio Classic Hybrid Charger. The Solio classic Hybrid Charger, like Solcharge, prides itself to hold up a charge up to 1 year, so it is ready anytime, day, or night, to have the option of charging from the AC net or the sun, to prevent overcharging and a 1650mAh Lithium-Ion Battery among features. These two products are similar except that Solcharge is much affordable. The Solio Classic Hybrid Charger goes for $99.95 while Solcharge is much more affordable at $50.

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Other companies also produce similar products. Samsung has released several solar several phones, which use a solar powered charging system. The Blue Earth is one such phone; it is a “green” phone has a solar panel on its rear, which produces enough power for the cell phone. The Blue earth is still miniaturized enough to fit in the pocket. The Samsung Company also manufactures the E1107, better known as Crest Solar. The dual-band GSM phone can be charged in the sun. Chinese mobile manufacturing giant ZTE also has a solar-charged phone, the Coral-200. This phone has an edge over the others being a very affordable phone. The slick cell affords a user about 15 minutes of talk time for every hour of sunlight.

Early this year, apple patented a solar-based technology whose system can be applied on portable devices and cell phones. This means that a solar-powered iPhone is not far from being commercially launched. Looking into the future, small electronic devices will no longer be powered by chemical energy. Chemical energy will be substituted by solar energy. To ensure that the already in the market phones are not left out, the Solcharg eliminates the over reliance on electricity power to the more environment clean solar energy.


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