Free Custom «Communication Strategy » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Communication Strategy » Essay Paper

To begin with, the brand Denis Simachev is a designer brand that was established in 2001 by means of the combined efforts of Denis Simachev and Olga Samodumova who happened to be young designers. It is important to state that Denis Simachev has a Russian origin specializing in the cultivating as well as sewing of clothes. As well, it deals with patterns and footwear along with accessories pret-a-porte. In connection to this point, Denis Simachev is a popular design preferred by many youngsters. This is given to the reason that it has a high native Russian culture and motifs and as such a blend of both modern and traditional patterns.

In the recent past, Denis Simachev fashion has received world recognition given that it is now able to find the brand products in more than 40 countries world-wide. Another point to note, Denis Simachev brand is also available on the internet whereby one can view the available items and at the same time be able to purchase. From this very point of view, there is a step being made so as to introduce the brand Denis Simachev to the UK market by making use of few different communication tools. As such, there is the intention to use tools such as event and advertising and as such, laws and regulations to these particular tools will apply. In particular, this paper is aimed at addressing the laws and regulations that govern event and advertising as tools of communication in the UK market. Along with this point, PESTEL analysis of this brand will be explored and thus conclusions will be made.

PESTEL analysis of the Brand

As a matter of fact, introducing brand Denis Simachev in the UK market will require a lot of compliance to law and regulations in the market in order for it to gain a market for itself. Before exploring the laws and regulations that event and advertising has to adhere to in the UK market, it is imperative to bring out the PESTEL analysis of the brand. In this context, PESTEL analysis refers to the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors affecting the brand. In line with this, it is important to state that politically, Denis Simachev brand is affected in the sense that the brand is interlinked with Russia in matters of originality along with the culture and motifs altogether.

Arguably, Russia has been portrayed as rich and at the same time a poor country. In this sense, the introduction of the Denis Simachev to other countries of the world has been so much hindered by the fact that Russia is associated with the Soviet Union. Most of the brands in Russia are made on the nostalgia feeling of the character and traditions of Russia as whole. Apparently, brands from the outside, with the specifics of western countries have been used within the country and as such this emanates from the experience during the era of the Soviet Union.

Given to this reason, there are potential political effects to the Denis Simachev brand as perceived from the outside world since it is a fashion brand from a country that was influenced by the Soviet Union (Hines & Bruce 2007, p.177). It has been perceived from other areas of the world that Russians cannot build up a product that is analogous in quality to those of the Western world and as such, this has hindered the introduction of the brand to other regions of the world with ease. As a matter of fact, it has been pointed out that some of the companies have branded their products by reflecting the products as to be associated with the New Russia which is presumed to be different from the old Russia associated with the Soviet Union. Needless to say, there are brands that have been branded following the names whose origin is the western part of the world so as to eradicate any association with the Soviet Union.

Besides the political effects on the brand, there are also the economical factors affecting the brand. In this context, Denis Simachev brand can also be affected by changes in taxation system from outside which may differ from the one in the home country. As well, the rate of the economic growth of Russia and the outside world may affect the brand. In the same line of thought, inflation and rates of exchange may contribute a great effect to the Denis Simachev brand since this may lead to making of great losses as they may increase costs altogether. On the other hand, Denis Simachev brand may be adversely affected by social factors such as the changes that take place in terms of social trends. As well, custural differences may also hinder the effectiveness of the marketing communication strategy employed. In this case, Denis Simachev brand may not be purchased by many individuals in a case whereby the population does not prefer the kind of clothing and footwear among others which are made under this brand. So to speak, the demand of the brand may be affected by the preferences and tastes of certain members of the population who may not love to have the brand. As well, low income levels may translate to social effect in regard to the brand purchase (Moens & Trone 2010).

Apart from this point, the members of the population may prefer the western fashions while neglecting the Russian one, an aspect that may limit the marketing of the brand. In line with this, there are also factors of technology as stipulated which increases the quality of a product and more development on it. It can actually reduce costs of production and thus translate to innovation. As a result, technology is potentially able to improve marketing of Denis Simachev brand as well as improving on its quality. On the other hand, a lack of it may lead to reduced sales of the brand as compared to other brands around the world which may show a greater quality than that one of the Denis Simachev brand.

Furthermore, there are environmental factors which can affect the marketing of Denis Simachev brand. Such factors involve the differences in climate and weather which determine the kind of clothing and footwear among others to be worn in the area. There has been a high concern on the production of brands that should be environment-friendly as the environment has greatly affected the patterns of the kind of purchases people make (Barnard & Scott 2002, p.61). Besides the point of the environmental factors, there are also legal factors brought about by laws and regulations governing the particular economy or market if it may be said. Basically, these laws involve consumer laws, health and safety legislation, laws of employment and competition laws among others as such. In this milieu, Denis Simachev brand has to consider the fact that as it is being introduced to the UK market, there are several laws and regulation for compliance if results are to be realized. This is to suggest that event and advertising tools of communication of which Denis Simachev brand intents to use, have to comply with laws and regulations governing the marketing communication.

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UK market laws and Regulations

Fundamentally, UK market is the fourth largest fashion market in the world after the US and as such, it is prerequisite to examine the laws and regulations that should be complied with for one to enter into the market (Andriopoulos& Dawson 2009, p. 87). Under this circumstance, communication strategies to be used by Denis Simachev brand are the use of event and advertising as tools of communication. In line with this, Pickton & Masterson (2010), points out that in the UK there is ASA which is an Advertising Standards Authority which provides a code of moral conduct for advertisers (p.53).

So to speak, Denis Simachev brand has to adhere to these laws by ensuring that it does not break any law (Pickton & Masterson 2010, p.53). At the same time, advertisements in UK should be decent which means that they must not cause offense. Along with this, advertisements in UK should be honest without exploiting the credulity and/or the ignorance of the audience. In the same line of thought, inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration or omission should not come into play as it is supposed to be truthful without any biasness (Pickton & Masterson, 2010, p.53). In addition, Hackley (2009), points out that UK bodies of regulating ads act as mechanisms for gauging how much the public can tolerate the content of advertising (p.233). This is to suggest that if the content is harmful in one way or another to the public it may be rejected and legal actions as well taken.

McDonald (2007), adds that advertising should be made without any form of deception as all laws and regulations are made based on common sense (p.564). Following this point, it is important to point out that the Denis Simachev brand will be required to do an extensive research on how ads are formulated and made use of along with the required content according to the law of the UK along with how self regulatory practice of advertising takes place (Yaqub 1999, p.803). Denis Simachev brand will also be required to practice ethical kind of advertisement mostly driven by common sense and good morals altogether. As well, Denis Simachev brand advertising should comply with the Consumer Protection Act of 1987 which states that it is an offense for one to mislead the consumers on the right prices of the particular goods and services (p.822).

Besides the aspect of advertising as a tool of marketing communication strategy, there is also the aspect of using events as tools of communication and introducing Denis Simachev brand into the UK market. From this point of view, trade fairs, shows and displays are common in the UK and as such Denis Simachev brand may make use of the events. Nonetheless, there are several laws and regulations that should be adhered to. It has been argued that in UK trade fairs take place twice a year and as such, buyers visit such events to shop for their area of the required product as well as their potential market. In line with this, the trade fairs allow the participation of the people who are in the fashion trade and in order for them to participate, there is need to do it at a fee (Goworek 2007, p.33).

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As far as event marketing is concerned, compliance with law is mandatory and as such, it is expected that the event organizers get the license for the event to take place. At the same time, event marketing has to do with a company sponsoring an event like sports event, festivals and shows among others so as to meet its marketing goals. The only way through which Denis Simachev brand can make use of event marketing is by sponsoring a show, festival or sports and thus advertise its products. Taking the example of event sponsoring in the UK, there have been very strict government regulations as far as the event marketing is concerned. For instance, the British Cigarette manufacturers faced strict inspection in sponsoring events and thus gained publicity by event marketing using its corporation name rather than the brand name.

The company was instructed to strictly use its corporate name rather than the brand name. Following such like cases in the UK, it is imperative for one to note that the government highly restricts event advertising and product advertising. This is due to the fact that like in Belgium and Denmark, the radio and the televisions are owned by the government and thus high advertising and event marketing regulation is realized (Feintuck & Varney 2006 ). As a matter of fact, event marketing should not be exaggerated, involved with dishonesty, associated with inaccurate information and in the larger perspective should not be lacking in truth (Hoyle 2002, p.120-124). The main goal and objective of the event marketing should actually be maintained. Therefore, any other selling activity involved in the event other than the authorized is illegal and subject to judgment made by law. Unauthorized selling activities adjacent to the event site should be gotten rid of by means of using the local authorities and thus it becomes even clearer that the objective of event marketing should adhere to the terms of licensing as well as authorization (Silvers 2007, p.232).

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As it has been highlighted, introducing the brand Denis Simachev to the UK market through event and advertising as tools of communication is surrounded by several numbers of factors related to the laws and regulations governing them. So to speak, the brand will have to comply with the law of advertising which is based on truth, honesty, accuracy and decency in regard to the information to be passed to the public or the content of both the advertisements and the event marketing. At the same time, event marketing is required to adhere to the terms of the authorization. Needless to say, in the UK, the laws and regulations are stricter and thus, this calls for brand Denis Simachev to understand and as well comply with the given laws and regulations altogether. Outstandingly, brand Denis Simachev should seek to comply with the consumer protection Act, employment law, competition law and in the larger perspective ASA law.



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